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  1. Project Deer Damage is on.. I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent I am repairing. ole bambi jumped out in front of this granniesk car, SUV, minivan whatever you'd like to call it. front bumper cover and grille on driver side was damaged along with fog light, headlight/bucket and fender. airbag did not deploy (whew) saved some money there.. Anyways I'd just like to post the progress on the repair.. Don't let a wrench scare you or that mysterious knock coming from under the hood.. anybody can do it with the proper motivation this stuff is easy.. with the right tools and the proper Chilton or whatever repair media you use. you can fix it!! Just don't let to many people know you'll never get your garage empty Or stop hearing about other people's car troubles lol..
  2. Yessir I'll probably open another post in body work or something my build isn't brake related at the moment lol
  3. It didnt come this way I have taken it down to this state. need to replace front bumper cover, grille, ds fog light and bezel, ds headlight, ds fender, replace front calipers and rotors not to mention paint all to be done by yours truly. I'll post some pictures of the damaged parts.
  4. Project deer damage is commencing I've got the new radiator support in finally.. Now the real work can start..
  5. Ok well ill just can the idea thanks guys.. i will get some pictures of the torrent up as i proceed with the repair Project deer damage is on!!!!
  6. Im not currently driving it. I am rebulding it after the previous owner hit a deer in it.. I've Pretty much have gone through everything mechanical everything sound there, and am slowly getting it apart to do the body work to repair the DS Fender and radiator support after that the car is right as rain. Got the car for $650.00 can"t beat that horse to badly so some saftey upgrades would'nt be a bad option..after its all back together and painted it will be worth $3500 wife wants to keep it go figure.. ill go snap a few pics of it idk if i still have the damage pics..
  7. Ok Guys.. Have any of you done a rear disc brake swap on a 06 FWD Pontiac Torrent? Looking for some insight into this matter.. did the chassis and suspension change for 07 ? Just asking because 07 the FWD model came standard with rear disc and i would just like to salvage some parts from an 07 to upgrade my 06.. Tell me guys could this be done with minimal fab work as i don't own any fab tools welder,torch, ect..
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