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  1. It’s a local machine shop In town called D&S machining. He just hot tanked and magnafluxed it since the cylinder walls looked good.
  2. Just got a call from the machine shop.. Apparently someone has already bored the cylinders .040 and put forged pistons in.. I’m just wondering does that drop the value of a matching numbers car?
  3. I would have to say the addiction leads to an addition.. I got a little work done on it today.. I’m a single father Of a 5 year old so my time is very limited. The cylinder walls look near perfect and the underside of the valve cover is so clean I’m almost thinking this thing may not be as untouched as I was told..
  4. I need something to organize my garage like that!
  5. Hey guys.. I was finally able to find the time to start the rebuild on my 4.1L Firebird.. Here are some pics of the engine removal.
  6. Awesome thanks for the info. Was hoping to see some pics of some that had wheels on it but the links help for sure
  7. Hey guys I want to put a nice set of wheels on my firebird. I was wondering if anyone has put a set of 17’s or 18’s on a firebird or camaro. I know the pattern is 5X120 but I’m not sure what offset would give me the look I’m going for. And also how wide can you go without scrubbing.. I want the wheels and tires to run flush with the quarter panel or maybe a hair inside so they will have the tucked look when I lower it.
  8. Ah yes it did come with the car. I didn’t think to look in that. Thanks
  9. Awesome thanks! So you would recommend changing the bulbs to LED
  10. When I bough my firebird it didn’t Have any bulbs in the tail lights, quarter panel side markers, front corner markers or interior bulbs. Does anyone have those numbers for the bulbs? I ordered a chilton book but it hasn’t gotten here yet. And has anyone replaced the incondesant bulbs with LED replacements?
  11. Man you guys are awesome! I have been apart of several car and truck forums and non of them have guys that are willing to share their knowledge in such quick friendly manner. I’m already loving the old school Pontiac community!
  12. Well it’s pouring oil out of the tail pipe and smoking like a tar kettle. So most likely rings need to be replaced. And I don’t believe in digging into the engine without replacing bearings seals and gaskets along with sending the heads to the machine shop. So I figured unless it’s just some valve seals or something in the head I’ll be rebuilding. Straighten me out if I’m missing something.
  13. Well after getting my 68 Firebird to start for the first time in 39 years it appears that I’m gonna have to rebuild the 6cyl. Parts for these motors seem to be hard to find.. Does anyone know where I could get pistons, rings and bearings. And pretty much everything needed to rebuild it.
  14. I have a lot of the factory paper work.. IDK of it adds value or not but I thought it was cool to still have it! I have the original title and a duplicate.
  15. Awesome! Thanks Sprint 6.. It will remain a 6 for a while either way. So I’m sure I will be getting to know you guys in the OHC world!
  16. Thanks man! It can be yours for the right price!
  17. Awesome! Thanks for the info.. the car is actually a coupe. It is a vinyl top on the car and someone took it off and I’m not sure if they painted it the cream color or if that’s the color that was under the vinyl. And nothing is wrong with a 6.. But my WS6 is fully built so a 6 would be boring to me after driving the TA.
  18. Thanks guys.. Really the main question I have now is should I keep it original and sell it or put a V-8 in it and make it the car I want and the car I remember my dad having. I know if I keep it I won’t be happy with a 6cyl.
  19. Basically 0 rust.. One small spot on a quarter panel but just surface rust. Yeah they stored it in there because they knew they wouldn’t drive it.. They were collectors i think and started collecting another type of car. It was in North Carolina. They drained all the fluids to prevent internal rust.
  20. Hey guys. I’m new to the forum. I have had a 2001 Trans Am WS6 for 11 years. But I just recently purchased a 1968 Firebird. It was a one owner with 39,000 original miles. It was put in a shipping container in 1978 and I just pulled it out about a month ago.. It is a matching numbers 6cyl and 3spd in the column. I look forward to chatting with you guys and getting some info and help. And hopefully I will be able to give some help along the way. My dad had two 1968 forebirds while I was growing up so that’s where my desire for Pontiac started.
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