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  1. Thanks Frosty! I'll be in touch with them. Even if the engine is a 'no go', that's one of the 5 best names for a cat in history!
  2. Thanks! Just visited on FB and requested to join the group.
  3. Sprint/Frosty, I'm having no luck finding a place to take on the rebuild for my 'cammer'. Can you guys recommend any sources of information or an actual shop I can reach out to? Jack
  4. Sprint & Frosty, Thanks for replying. I'll check out the Oakland club's site. It looks like mine will need a rebuild (only 60 PSI in two of the cylinders). Something 'fun' to use my tax refund on.
  5. Hi, I'm Jack, new to foreverpontiac. I own a '66 Tempest Sprint convertible and would like to be in touch with other owners of this cool engine. Is there a dedicated group for this? Thanks for any info!
  6. SPRINT6, thanks for the back story. I didn't know that kanter had gone to the trouble to have these re-made. It's a lot for a belt, but it is what it is and as you rightly point out, just a part of the price for such a cool and unique engine. Thanks for filling me in!
  7. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a source for a timing belt for the 230 cu. in. OHC in-line 6, other than dropping $125 (plus s/h) at kanter. I'm a brand new member, so please let me know if this belongs in a different / more specific forum. Thank you in advance for any leads.
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