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  1. Summershandy

    54 Star Chief moves to Canada

    My condolences. Glad you came for a visit. Place has changed a bit. lol
  2. Summershandy

    54 Star Chief moves to Canada

    ??? how you know dat ???
  3. Summershandy

    Star Chief trunk light switch?

    I did the video check and the bulb stayed on with the trunk lid closed. Maybe the PO removed the mercury switch and never got around to installing a manual one? Maybe I'll never know unless another '54 Star Chief can chime in. Just another wiring conundrum to work on this winter. Thanks for the hints guys!
  4. Summershandy

    Star Chief trunk light switch?

  5. Summershandy

    Star Chief trunk light switch?

    I was really looking and hoping for an easy answer here! haha...the trunk wire is bundled with the wires for the rear lights and I'm afraid they might go behind the headliner where the dome light is. The only way to follow it would be to rip down the headliner. Which I intend on doing further down the road anyway. I've got a couple other wiring issues which could be easier to find when the interior is ripped out and the dash is removed for paint. But thanks for trying!
  6. Summershandy

    54 Star Chief moves to Canada

    What I see is no bondo on the body. New generator, starter, carb and voltage regulator. Just needed a battery to get her going. Put in a new water pump and a thermostat that it never had along with a new manifold gasket. There's a leak in the front of the engine so I suspect timing chain gasket and seal. I noticed leaking at the rear brakes so I'm thinking axle seals. I would like to change the entire brake system to new. The tires are mint as well as the underbody. Other than that it's all stock. Found a mouse nest under the back seat and also was infested with ants. It was damp and mouldy. I've since been drying the begeebers out of it. It's gonna need a new headliner, carpet and some paint inside. The clock and radio even works as well at the hood emblem that lights up! haha. I'm not making this a show car but a cool one to take on those Sunday drives that will be safe and comfortable!
  7. When I got my '54 I noticed the bulb was missing from the trunk. I put one in and it lit up. I can't for the life of me figure out how it turns off? I can't find a switch anywhere. I've tried every switch thinking it was located somewhere else. I know I could install a manual one but I'm trying to keep the girl original. Until then, the bulb stays out. Any one have the same?
  8. Hey gang! Picked up this '54 last summer. Looks and runs great. Original bill of sale in mint from Montana. Brought up from Florida years ago. Found it in a small town. Another Northern Ontario winter project for me. A much different beast than I'm used to being younger than the car. Looking forward to some expertise knowledge around here. I'm going to wait for the shop manuals to arrive before asking too many questions. Already can't wait for next summer!
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