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  1. Robert Reiss

    1931 Pontiac 6 Sedan Questions

    Cowboydanny, I did on this site when I signed up but I can not find it either. I will attach one here for you. This is still ALL original from the paint on the body to the mohair interior. Good luck with your project and I would like to see it when your done.
  2. Robert Reiss

    1931 Pontiac 6 Sedan Questions

    To answer some of your questions, these are pretty rare. I have been going to car shows with my grandpa since I was very little (5-6) and have never seen another one like it until I saw your pictures. (I am now 50) Mine Is all original still so I don't know if the value would be much different but my insurance guy restores old cars and said it would be worth 10K-15K. I still have a lot of the original paperwork with mine also since my grandpa kept everything about this car. My grandpa has been gone for some time now and the car has been sitting in my barn, it still runs but I need to figure out how to adjust the brakes for the pedal goes to the floor when it's driven. Would love to talk to you some time. Rob
  3. Robert Reiss

    1931 Pontiac 6 Sedan Questions

    Beautiful job on your car. Mine is just like yours but is all original and everyone tells me NOT to restore it. I love how yours turned out!!
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