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  1. jokitsu

    small engine fire. HELP PLEASE!!

    What happened was that the water pump went out and the car over heated. It leaked a little engine oil down the front of the engine. We fixed the water pump and it ran fine until one of the radiator hoses blew out. It over heated again and the oil on the front of the engine ignited. Two of the fuel injectors look a little scorched but I don't think it was bad enough to stop them from preforming properly. One of the vacuum lines was a bit toasted but we snipped off the damaged area and patched it up. It don't think the computer plug at the coil pack was damaged but I have a whole wire harness set up coming tomorrow. Tested spark, everything seems OK there. The engine turns over and I got it to fire for a second with some starter fluid but only for a second and only once
  2. jokitsu

    small engine fire. HELP PLEASE!!

    It's a 05 grand prix gtp. The fire was just up by the front if the engine. Replaced the spark plug wires. Checked the fuses. The little 15 for the fuel relay was blown but nothing else was. Having a new wiring harness delivered tomorrow for the ignition control module, crankshaft sensor etc. Tried patching the wires that were burned but don't feel 100% confident about them so just replacing the whole thing instead.
  3. Small engine fire from over heating with engine oil residue that ignited on the front of the engine. Burned up spark plug wiring replaced wires. Ignition module connection wires melted snipped those and replaced them. Fuel injectors a little scorched but I believe they are still intact. Ignition coils still intact and sparking. It acts like it wants to start. Turns over but won't quite get there. Any thoughts? It's so close to starting I wanna rip my hair out. It just kicks and kicks but nothing...
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