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  1. Did some more research, if this is in a '69 and is a 12 bolt, it is a 3.73 open rear end made on March 26 at the Buick plant on the 2nd shift. CC= 3.73 03= Month 26= Day B= Plant (Buick) 2= Shift, with no letters after the "2" designates this as an open (peg leg) rear end. I had an open rear end with 3.08 gears in my '73 Grand Am, I was able to install a 3.73 posi unit from a '85 Monte Carlo SS directly into the existing housing. My unit was a 10 bolt, don't know if the same will work on your 12 bolt. You may be able to use your existing ring gear and just install the
  2. You want just enough clearance between the divider plate on the pump and the impellor for it to turn. mine is less than 1/16" water goes through not around!
  3. Look at your rotor turning with the cap off, that verifies dist. rotation, next look at the rotor tip as sometimes they get twisted to the side and will not line up with the plug wire terminal. Knew a guy with a 69 Z-28 that tore down the engine to the timing chain and was ready to pull it when I noticed the tip was facing sideways on the rotor. With a new rotor and 45 minutes later she fired right up. Now the question is how old is the timing chain and is it loose?, has it jumped timing? Has the dist. ever been pulled? if it was, was is it aligned right when it was reinstalled?
  4. Another idea, since it has been setting for several years make sure that the tank and lines do not have a bunch of water in them.
  5. Sounds like the plug wires may be wrong, Did you assume that the #1 terminal on the distributor cap was the terminal closest to and facing the #1 plug. It actually starts at the back of the Dist. I found this out the hard way.
  6. Has anyone made the jump to the relatively new FiTech fuel injection systems available now and if you have are there any pointers that could save newcomers wanting to try one of these systems some grief?
  7. Trans Ams became very popular 75-76 and I thought they were so great looking. Now people and television look down on them as a car that southern white trash drives. I knew better, the handling was already there and all that was needed was modifying the engine. I owned a 69 GTO first (never did get it to run), then a 75 Grand Prix (brother wrecked it), a 75 Trans Am next (holes in the hood so big you could change the oil without popping the hood open) A teenage girl on downers ran a stop sign and took that one out, then a 78 T/A next with nitrous, then a 76 50th Anniversary Edition T/A (kick my
  8. I guess I am not making myself clear, I need to know where the lead from the HEI tach plug lands on the tach in the instrument cluster.
  9. I guess I needed to know where the connection from the tach landed. The print you sent was not showing a tach.
  10. The HEI was not available until 74 right?
  11. Just need to know where the signal from hei connects.
  12. I changed out my factory rally instrument pod for one with a tachometer. does anyone know how to run connections for the power? I got the tach connection part on the hei, just not where to hook up 12 volt power and ground on the tach itself.
  13. I was under my car last week and noticed how close the oil filter was to the exhaust manifolds I purchased from Ram Air Restorations. Butler said it should not be a problem, what is the consensus here?
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