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  1. this is something that has been bugging me for 55 yrs, hopefully im not crazy. we had a 64 safari wagon. if my memory is correct, there was a knob on the dash, kind of low on the dashboard, near the steering column. i remember it being labeled Magic Drive, and as a little kid i thought it was some kind of magic button. i cant find any references on the net to Magic Drive. did it exist, and if so, what was it? happy new year mike
  2. when i was a kid, my dad bought a 64 safari wagon. under the dash was a chrome knob labeled " magic drive" . as a 6 yr old, i thought it was some kind of magic, but as an adult i have never been able to find out what i was for. early cruise control?? i google it, and get nothing. is my memory just wrong? in my minds eye, i can see it clear as day. thanks
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