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  1. That looks like a real cool car. Good luck with it. Dont forget to come back and update us.
  2. I ordered a Blueprint 350 (keeping it Chevy). I'm just waiting for the trans to ship now. I'm real happy with how the interior turned out. I just have a couple of things on the interior to finish. It will look and feel good from the driver's seat soon. It wont look too impressive from the outside though LOL https://www.jegs.com/i/Blueprint-Engines/138/BP3501CTC1K/10002/-1
  3. It has arrived. Dyno sheet shows max hp is 378 at 5600 and max torque is 413 at 3900rpm.
  4. Not a whole lot to update. The 305 didnt work out. It was a $400 gamble that got us moving for a while. I replaced the bent up front bumper with a better one from a 1976 Lemans. The interior is basically done except I want to color the lower door panels to their original color. I have an 350 engine with 365hp and 405lbs of torque on the way as well as a built TH350 trans. The engine arrives tomorrow and the trans in a couple of weeks due to a delay. I bought a different front clip that looked real good at the junkyard and then not so good once I got it home and started cleaning it up. I will try to upload the interior photos. I still have 10 years of metal work to do if I decide I want to LOL. More updates to come soon, I hope.
  5. That was a lot of cars to choose! It took a while but I got it done. What a relief now that its over!
  6. Thanks for the info. I will chack that out.
  7. Not much progress lately. Got some quotes for seat upholstery and while I was out threw the alternator belt. Then I took the seat and carpet out, I found a hole through the floor. I crawled underneath to see the hole from underneath and also found a core plug or freeze plug leaking. I also noticed someone had wired a piece of 2x4 to a crossmember but couldnt figure out why exactly. So Ill be patching the hole in the floor pan, spraying rust converter everywhere and installing some carpet when my order arrives.
  8. Ill agree with that. It was ahead of its time for sure. People love ugly little crossover things now.
  9. Thanks Frosty. Never heard of East West before. Looks like they have a lot of stuff. Is Smoke Signals a site or forum or something?
  10. The original engine was chevy so the swap went easy enough. Im still working on the fenders. Itll be a slow project starting from front to back then interior then some paint. Needs front bumper replaced, hood repaired, fenders repaired then replaced, new door metal along the bottom, rear quarter panels, trunk floor, back dash metal... all kinds of stuff. My real goal is just to have fun with it and not let all the work ruin my attitude towards the car. Ill definitely learn some sheetmetal work along the way.
  11. Well, I guess I might as well post on this forum. I picked up a rusty 1975 Lemans a while back. It came stick with a Chevy 250 inline 6 motor. I had cleaned that motor up, needed a carb, and found a Chevy 305 cheaper than the replacement carb. So we put the 305 in and made it driveable. So now that its driveable... it only needs everything else replaced. I found some fenders on craigslist in Oregon, I live in Houston TX, and he happened to be coming to Austin so that worked out for me... except they have some minor rust issues so not that simple but still better than what I had. Its been fun to drive though. My first car was a 1976 Pontiac Lemans so it feels good to be back in one. Photos to come. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  12. Even my 'good' fender has problems. LMAO. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk But even with all its issues, its been fun. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  13. Things are moving slowly but some rust is being removed and some fresh metal going back in.
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