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  1. maybe i shouldnt be so straight forward but im sorry. Sorry chris and and ghost its just me.
  2. why u wiered out im not a hateful unforgiving person like u man at least im man enough to vote for ur ride. just chill. and be glad im being nice. i like ur ride and thats the bottom line
  3. i really really hope chris cope wins he deserves it since he has been nominated quite a few times and his ride is work of art. Hell me saying that is alot. Im jealous of him for having such a sweet styled ride. GOOD LUCK CHAOSWEAVER.
  4. can we have a trip to the aquarium get a group rate and have some fun? i would really luv that.
  5. so mtz what are your plans for activities. Are the photoshoot pics being published on here or what.
  6. true i just dont want to embarass myself mine really rough looking
  7. i agree with corpus! Restraunt we need to get a listing of places in the area. I am definately gonna attend it depends on when. Does it matter if my ride is a work in progress?
  8. beach front is a must. I would love corpus as a meet location. so what are ur plans for that meet. what activities
  9. u have to think about the others in the meet man. I would def go for that. I would love to have the meet on the waterfront that would make for great photoshoots. Hey mtz call me.
  10. HEY RINGO i dont want to be in trouble i just want yall to know i can take the b.s and my nomination stands for ghost love his ride.
  11. hey lets get a listing of fine mexican resturants in the area and vote for one
  12. ban me boo whoo. lol its nice to know we cant give a opinion but oh well im voting for chaosweaver he deserves it.
  13. i know but my vote goes to chaosweaver its time for a grand am to win and his is tight its murdered out. gotta love it.
  14. my bad i cant say shit. an owner has rank supreme. but still an opinon. gah i think im gonna nom myself
  15. you did say corpus for the meet how a taqueria. texan style mexican food. welcome to all our texas members
  17. what i meant chris is ur gonna win u have to and u deserve it badass grand am takes the grandprize.
  18. actually my car is her car. we are like u and mando
  19. of course mtz can i have ur ride. Hey ghost can u redo it and tint the back up lights and put the third brake light back on and paint the side mirrors to match and put a gt bodykit with the sc/t kit on it
  20. MY WIFE NEEDS TO GET A PONTIAC. she knows i said ur a cutie she thinks ur pretty too.
  21. very nice mtz ur wife is a cutie. welcome to the club we have jackets
  22. who reffered u to this site? Me and Ghost are some kool people to know. Gotta love Pontiac Your so welcome to this club its the funnest and koolest.
  23. stef it the big one i was jk. MTz gah i was playing with her and what is so wrong with be a salesman im just trying it out i already have it on craigslist. i gotta say stefs ride is the best grand am ive seen in a while she got style and class mixed up with super styling red she should be a autobot too. it fits
  24. i got a wing for u stef. it fits the design. RED GRAND AM POWER
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