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  1. Tempest Dave

    hard start after warm up

    Thank you both for your help and interest. On a hunch, I put a phenolic heat plate under the carb and cruised the neighborhood until temp hit 200. Pulled into my driveway just in case of "no start" shut it down and let it sit until temp hit 220. Started right up no issues. (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while) I suspected fuel percolation but had put that down the list for usual suspects. Motor is strong, Battery is new, compression is great and with the TH350, I have to ease into it so as to Not get rubber in second which my neighbors have informed me is irritating to their Gen X lifestyle. The solenoid will be replaced soon to cure the intermittent click situation but everything else is great. Again, thank you for your help and taking the time to answer.
  2. Tempest Dave

    hard start after warm up

    Edelbrock performer 4bbl. Happens right away after temp reaches 185-200. If motor cools, no problems. Starter turns strong hot or cold. Thank you for your interest.
  3. My 64 tempest starts hard after eng temp reaches 185-200. aftermarket 4 barrel edelbrock with no phenolic spacer on manifold. Don't think its vapor lock but a heat issue between carb and intake manifold. Also has an intermittent click and no start, maybe solenoid ? or another heat issue with exhaust ? Bought new OEM coil today from Napa and will try replacing factory (52 year old) coil. Any help is extremely appreciated. Thank You
  4. Tempest Dave

    new to forum

    really, very little. TH 350 trans and Edelbrock performer carb, American Racing wheels. It was a Sun City car (retirement area here in AZ). original owner had it garaged for 28 years. Original paint, Interior and evreything else. True Barn Find
  5. Tempest Dave

    new to forum

    Arizona Pontiac owner. Current project : 64 Tempest Custom 326
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