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  1. window regulators

    Wanted to update them but the left back side the window goes down but have pull and crank and it comes up.E mailed OPG and said they actually no parts compatible with the 69 bonneville thought maybe taking it apart and repair them but strange such a common part but finding anything for this year is hard to find any idea where to find parts for it
  2. Hi gang making my to do list and wondering about my window regulators.. I have the OPG catalog and shows a few but not for a 69 Bonneville it does show the front L&R that would fit but nothing for the back side windows would they be the same?Not sure why it is so hard to find interior parts for 69 was even looking at door panels and sure enough none for that year of Bonneville they have everything for all the others.Or does anyone know if they can be inter changed ,I know back in the day you could do that, Thanks Terry
  3. Hi no tank is in good shape was told it was the sending unit and tried a couple after markets and didn't fit.It is round like a small coffee can .All the others at long and to big.Seem the tank is thinner and longer.A guy in NY said he could rebuilt for 225.00 so just wondering.I am taking to a another car guy who is going to check all the wiring in hopes it is a bad line or connection.
  4. Hi guys now that spring is getting closer thoughts are back to the cars..anyway think I have asked the sending unit before and best is to have it rebuilt since they don't make them for my 69 Bonneville.So here is my question does anyone know which tank I might be able to use .Was thinking of swapping out gas tanks it is over 250.00 to rebuild one and not much more for a new or used.Was hoping maybe a Catalina or Grand Pix might work. Tried for one out of summit that they thought would work but most are to big as far as the height.
  5. Hi gang just wondering if anyone has changed their instrument panel lights from the circuit panel over to the socket type cluster.My lights on dash aren't working and seems light everything is out but the turn signals work and the high headlight works but as far as anything else it doesn't.Have changed the switch and still nothing so figures it's the circuit panel and hate to pull it all off if I can switch it over..
  6. Hey guys now that I have the dist issue's more or less solved just wondering with the hei what would be a decent plug gap?As of now I an running around .035 and wondering if it should be more with the hei.
  7. Hi guys just wonder if anyone would where I can find the relay power for the wiper motor.Not that mine is bad but want to up date it knowing it's old like everything else.Would like to find where I could get the wring harness also.It has the original pump for the wiper squirter but doesn't work and seems they bought one and mounted it to the wiper motor and spiced into those wires and looking closer seen where it has either a power resister or relay and they plug into that and would like to get a new one.
  8. I thought I could put the wiring were ever I needed as long as I kept the firing rotation in order.And was hoping that I could by just lifting the dist a little but might be more trouble then just taking it out doing it that way.Like to just move my advance more towards the engine and the dial it in which should give me more room.
  9. Hope this helps..as you can how close the advance is to the fire wall just hoping to be able to slightly lift the dist and turn advance closer to engine. And the wiring in a better order as you can see in pic 1 turnning the dist also turned the wiring.
  10. Ok guys two more questions and I'll be out of your hair..Anyway got my timing set and sounds pretty after it has settled in.Now my questions are can I move my wiring around to kind of clean it some but staying in the correct firing order.And my Second question is can I move my vacuum advice position with out having to to actually lift the dist out or can I lift just enough to move it.The reason I am asking that is that the advance is close to firewall and with the HEI with coil inside the wiring is very close to the carb.
  11. Yes that was the first thing I did was to re mark it to the new timing line.Going to time it this afternoon since here in cleveland it is raining.Was actually how fast it started up wasn't perfect but sound pretty good..Thanks for all the tips..
  12. Well finally some good news..Went and found my TDC again and didn't pay attention to timing marks it didn't start but popped a lot more then before then turned the dist 180 with the advance a little more towards the firewall and tried starting and moved it a little more and poof she fired right up.Battery is drained some who ever had it before had a wall mart type in it so charging it and will fire it back up and set the timing in the morning ..
  13. Thought I could kept looking and wondering why not the down fall would be a little hose
  14. Yes lined it up first but actually when I used the whistle at the loudest for tdc it was at the lower end of 0 on the tab never knew it might have two will look in the morning ok away from #1 should take me to #8 had the advance pointing around the fender to firewall so that would explain a lot.yes getting spark and is I guesscan after market got it from summit and told it would fit the car coil is inside so nothing fancy just an up grade Forgot to say the vacume is around 5 O'clock position so will have to change that but will tight unless the whole unit is moved from passenger side to drivers but was told not to do that
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