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  1. Brian1313

    2006 Torrent needs a blower harness

    The closest one doesn't have a torrent/equinox/vue on hand. the next closest is a hour plus drive. So i'm working phones and internet first. It appears to be part of the instrument panel harness. Expensive and difficult part. Also why I'm looking at checking checking continuity and patching into the existing harness.
  2. Brian1313

    2006 Torrent needs a blower harness

    The connector my wife is holding plugs directly in the Blower Control Switch. It is not the red circled connector Frosty thought it may have been. Any thoughts on my research from yesterday?
  3. Brian1313

    2006 Torrent needs a blower harness

    More research and speculation... Looks to be an AC Delco PT2187 pigtail. http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=926241&jsn=33&jsn=33 Matches the connector. I believe it would tie in to the instrument panel harness which is bloody expensive to replace the whole thing. If this is the right connector, (will confirm at home), then I'll just need to test continuity of the harness to the connector for the blower motor resistor, right?
  4. Brian1313

    2006 Torrent needs a blower harness

    Since my wife was the one who pulled it apart this morning, I'm not sure which it is in the photo. I believe it was plugged into the back of the blower control switch. I think it might be the one tucked behind the shifter knob.
  5. So my wife, ever the badass, looked into some issues that failed state inspection here in VA. She was also concerned about the blower switch after the blower resistor didn't fix her single speed problem. She pulled apart her dash console and found the attached connector issue on the blower control side of the wiring harness. So, we need to replace the harness. However, my google fu is not strong, and I can't find the actual part name or number. Does anybody have a part name or part number for me?
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