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  1. Hi everyone. I have a 1942 Torpedo that I want to install fender skirts. I bought the skirts that are supposed to be correct (and very hard to find) but have no idea how they mount. There are two ears or tabs at the bottom of each end of the skirts. Evidently there are two brackets with slots that install at the base of the fender well that the two tabs fit into. My car does not have those. I have looked and looked for pics of cars with closeups of these brackets, but no luck. Have looked for the brackets online with no luck. I feel rather dumbfounded on this. Perhaps there are no such brackets? I would very much appreciate some info/advice/ pics from anyone who knows this information. I want to spruce this car up but held up by this seemingly simple solution. Thanks for any help! David
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    Hi everyone. My name is David and I just joined. I have a 1942 Torpedo that I bought from a lifelong friend and car collector. It was about 80% restored when he passed away. I am in the process of finishing up the details.
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