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  1. DaBear

    Cracked molding

    Thanks man, I will check some salvage yards, figured dealer would be a tough one, I strike out a lot with them anymore! Lol
  2. On my 98 Grand Prix all the molding under the windows is cracked, faded, falling apart, any suggestions on places to take this to get replaced or if it’s just a DIY thing, where to get this ? I live in L A area, any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks Dabear
  3. DaBear

    GTP Emblems

    Thanks for the input Ringo64! i appreciate it
  4. DaBear

    GTP Emblems

    I recently had my Grand Prix painted, the paint shop took GTP Supercharged side emblem off than put it back on after paint with some kind of tape, it came off after a month! Does anyone know what is the best way to attach these? I never had a problem from factory, almost 20 years but now I’m wondering what’s best! Thanks
  5. DaBear

    Hello from Los Angeles

    I will try again!
  6. DaBear

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hey thanks for your help man, I appreciate it! I just use my iPad and I can't get any URL, whatever that is! Lol I only know how to click on photo on my photos and upload, it doesn't say anything about URL??? I wouldn't think file would be to big taken from iPad! I can see if I used my Canon, those are like 4 megs!! Oh well
  7. DaBear

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Now it said file is to big! It was taken from iPad ?
  8. DaBear

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Any suggestions? Upload fails every time!
  9. DaBear

    Hello from Los Angeles

    I tried to post one but it gave me an err! I'll keep trying Upload failed
  10. Hey to all you Pontiac People, new to this group obviously, i drive a 1998 Grand Prix GTP
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