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  1. PlagueOfBadgers

    Hello from NJ

    I got the car for a steal, it was showing a misfire on the number six cylinder and the used car lot guy had no clue about cars. He just kept saying maybe the coils. After digging a bit I found the number 6 plug wire was broken in half. A few minor things, tune up, brakes, trans line leaking nothing to bad. We were struggling for a bit with the air issues (air pump, check valve, etc.) So we just went ahead and replaced it all. The only thing left to do is the check valve next week. Tried taking it apart and cleaning it but it's too far gone. Very clean interior, outside has no damage, all of the electric switches and gadgets work including the wheel buttons for the radio, mileage at 147,000. So all and all I am very pleased with the car. For the 73 Satellite it's completely down to the shell and being restored. Will hopefully begin putting it back together this year. Thank you Chris.
  2. PlagueOfBadgers

    Hello from NJ

    Hello everyone, have a few car projects going on. Just bought a 06 Pontiac Grand Prix V6 3.8L with what I believe to be a manufacturer installed GT interior. We have had the car for just about a month now and love it. My son and me are on another forum for our 73 Satellite Sebring Plus but wanted to have a forum for the Pontiac. We are not really stuck on one manufacturer we just love cars all around.
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