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  1. Thanks for the votes. The six is up to 148,000 miles. Still rolling as a daily driver.
  2. The transmission slip is getting progressively worse. Sometimes it really struggles to move from 1st to 2nd gear. Seems like the end of the transmission is sooner rather than later.
  3. I haven't posted pics of my 6 on a forum in a long time. Decided to detail the car and take a pic. I bought this car new in 2006 in Maryland and have had it in Virginia, Texas, California and now Arizona. She's up to 142,419 miles and the transmission is slipping, but she lives on.
  4. Sorry Stratman. Let us know how the repair process goes.
  5. I was looking at Google Earth Streetview in Moscow, Russia and noticed a familiar site. Check out the Solstice on the streets of Moscow. I don't think the odds of seeing a Pontiac of any kind there is very high.
  6. Here are a few more of my pictures from this show. This first picture is the car class that I put my G6 into, "Modified Others." As you can see, it would be hard for a G6 to win a trophy in this class, but I wanted my 6 to sit with a better crop of Pontiacs than the "Daily Driven" class could provide. My car is about 4 from the end in this picture.
  7. Nice purchase. I would like to have something like this to take to car shows.
  8. Another video...this time with the dash cam set up...
  9. Here is a video that I uploaded on Youtube today. This is just a short video showing the vehicle in motion as opposed to the pictures I always post. Another video I took while driving mountain roads will be uploaded soon. Enjoy.
  10. I appreciate the votes. This car has been a long project that will probably never be finished. I just paid off this car yesterday and we are never selling it or trading it in. I want this car in my garage 30 years from now. Thanks again.
  11. Do you ever put this car into shows in Pennsylvania? I usually go to plenty of shows and would keep an eye out for your car if I know you will be there. I really like the engine pic...clean and in show quality form.
  12. Yeah, it wasn't until I saw the old picture you used that I decided I needed updated pictures on this site. I have been on this site for awhile, usually just lurking. I will start posting more here, it is a good forum.
  13. Here is a group of recent pics of my 2006 G6 GTP. These pics show all the most recent mods including Eibach Springs, Disc Italia cross-drilled and slotted rotors and the G6 2009.5 spoiler. Enjoy. This pic was taken with all recent mods complete. Interior Stock 2009 Interior Modified 2012 Before lowering #1 After lowering #1 Before lowering #2 After lowering #2 Before lowering and Disc Italia upgrade #3 After lowering and Disc Italia upgrade #3 Day after I bought the car brand new in February 2006
  14. I haven't posted much on this site, but I have been checking some of the threads lately. I recently updated a slideshow of the modification progress on my 2006 G6 GTP. It covers all modifications in the first part of the video and all car shows entered in the second part. The video is set to audio if anyone wants to take it all in. Here is the link...
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