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  1. Auto von Bismarck

    Redesigned PC/Gaming Rig

    You do any programming on that thing? My roommate Genghis is always locked in his room programming on Khan Academy. Something about making a website with some coffee language and H-T-M-L images. Waste of time IMO. These computer things will never take off.
  2. Last week the door on my Bonneville was stuck so I gave it a good kick and kicked the thing clean off. I buried it in the back yard and have been going doorless for a few days. Good thing the weather's nice!
  3. Auto von Bismarck

    Where's my brake experts at?

    I know exactly where you're coming from with the brake issues. A few weeks ago I tried to stop in time for a red light and nearly sent my son through the windshield they were sticking so bad. The next day I was going 70 in a 35 trying to make it to Pizzeria Uno before they closed, and almost drove through the front of the restaurant cuz I couldn't get stopped!! Damn things are unbelievable!
  4. Auto von Bismarck

    Hello from Auto von Bismarck

    Hi yall, Auto von Bismarck here. I hail from Upstate NY and drive a 97 Bonneville. I've got a love-hate relationship with the blasted thing, as it's getting older and I've had some issues with it over the years. Looking forward to sharing experiences and questions with you all! All the best, Auto von Bismarck
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