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  1. I finally found in my 9 million page shop manual, the page describing the ignition switch. 5 positions, pushed in and turned to the left, (counter clockwise), is accessory . 2nd position clockwise is lock (off) to remove the key. 3rd position is off. 4th position is on and 5th is start. So my ignition switch is broken.
  2. I own a 11986 Pontiac Parisianne with 46K original miles. It was garage kept all it's life and owned by an older gentleman, which means that the odds of some parts on the car being broke or worn out by now are small. That being said, It doesn't make sense that the ignition switch would be broken in any way. From the off position to the on to the start, it works perfectly, but I cannot in any way get it to turn to the accessory position. I make sure the key is all the way in and push in and absolutely it will not go counterclockwise. So I have a question for the forum. Did Pontiac eliminate the
  3. I have an 86 Parisienne and it got hit in the front fender. I'm having it repaired but I'm not sure if an aftermarket replacement at 20 guage thickness is oem. Anyone know the oem thickness as the used fender on Ebay is much more expensive. Thanksforany reply, Bud
  4. Well now that I painted my jack and base blue, how much does it matter that it IS blue?
  5. Thanks 66gtotrips, the third pic with the sort of sky blue color matches the shape of my jack setup. Question is, My car is a full sized Pontiac. Does it make any difference? Seems that the intermediate and small cars have the square base, Bud
  6. Hey everyone, Nice to be back, Hoping someone has a definitive answer for this Question. I just bought a can of Duplicolor Blue engine paint from Ames that is supposed to be the correct blue for my !966 Pontiac Bonneville jack. Question is, is that the correct color for my year Pontiac and not black? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to go through all the taping involved for the wrong color. Thanks, Bud
  7. Thank you Sprint 6. I suppose, "draped over the rear seat retaining strip" is the closest so far but, as you can see from the pics, there are some holes on top of the rear seat backing panel that gives the idea of screws to attach the well material but then again maybe not. If not then the material would be glued after draping over. Would you agree? The other pic shows that I did fasten the rear end of the well material properly. Bud
  8. I have to attach my well liner to my rear seat panel in my 66 Bonneville convertible but, I don't remember how it is fastened over the backing panel. There are a number of holes on the very top of the seat panel that suggest screws or a metal strip screwed on top across the top to hold the liner but, since I removed the original over 20 years ago I'm at a loss. From very hard to see clearly videos on you-tube I think it just folds over the top and gets glued, but again I'm not sure. Anyone here know for sure how they did it in the factory? It would help me finish this part of the top installat
  9. Ever REALLY look at the rear light housing on a 66 Bonneville? You would imagine that they would be rectangular, (of course rounded at the ends), but everyone I look at seems to have a droop across the top edge, and sometimes along the bottom edge. So, a question for someone who might know or has delved into this matter and has some fact formed opinion is..... Is it supposed to look like that, like a bow tie look? is it a casting flaw? It just seems a bit screwy that they purposely designed them that way with a "squeezed in the middle look.I'd love to hear any facts or opinions about this beca
  10. I am hoping there might be someone out there with info on the colors offered on the full sized Pontiac steering wheels. Particularly the ones with the chrome bar inside the clear urethane. I'll upload a pic. I'm having mine recast and is gray other than the clear part. The question is, could you order the wheel color to match your paint? or did the come in stock colors only. I'd like to change it but want to stick with factory offerings to stay with the restoration guidelines.
  11. In case no one wants to tackle my previous post. I'm providing the schematic with the wires colored so they can be traced easily. Thanks again for any input. I'd like to wire it properly but, I fear I'll have to jury rig it somewhere unless Someone finds the answer. Bud
  12. Can't seem to decipher the wiring schematic for my 66 Pontiac Bonneville. Specifically the headlight wiring. There is supposed to be 2 sources for power, one for the front park lights and head lights via the big red wire going to it. It energizes first the purple wire to the front park lights on the first click out and then the blue wire to the dimmer switch on the second click out. That part is fine but, the other half of the switch is supposed to energize the instrument panel on both 1st and 2nd clicks, which basically connects the brown and white wire to the double green on the headlight s
  13. This is a night photo of the pass side I needed to finish. De rusted, rust reformer sprayed and chassis black topcoat. Yet to install the new muffler, pipe hangers (stainless) and new brake line and hardware. I'm so glad I'll be out from under the car for a while while I sand and seal the body panels. I'm using Rustoleum rust converter spray. It is an excellent paint if you never want to see rust again, but a topcoat should be applied soon after. All for now. Will post more soon Bud. P.S. thanks for the comments!!!
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