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  1. great choice in wheels bro very nice
  2. and i got some sticky crap on the hood of my car on the paint i tried scraping it off with my fingernail and it didnt come off. u got anything to take that crap off.? or anything i might be able to buy bfore i come over
  3. im not sure probably hahaha but ok yea i definitely will sounds good can we still goto the mountains too!!! lol my kids will like that
  4. haha hey i paid 17.99 for those..i think im going to keep those on there for now till i get rims and new tires prolly go with 18".
  5. i got nuthin to do today we definately should be pretty cool to do i get off at 230 then my girl would prolly wanna go just to get outta the house what time u wanna go?
  6. yea def thanks vibe and advice from others of course
  7. we'll have to find out im sure vibe will help out since he's nearest to me lol
  8. hmmm ok ill have to take a look i just saw them and was like i gotta have those
  9. I was planning on installing these on my new grand am what ya think
  10. yea thought it might but just wondering and yea it is nice. It just needs a car wash really bad.
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