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  1. gavin507

    New g5!

    hell of a find thanks man! and i can't really do the evo mod i don't have an SS bumber lol but it looks good on yours!
  2. gavin507

    New g5!

    damn. that sounds a lot better. your a smart mother ^#%@
  3. gavin507

    New g5!

    will do. just a loto money lol 2 grand for the kit
  4. gavin507

    New g5!

    so many big words lol but thats great info thanks man!
  5. gavin507

    New g5!

    Thanks everyone!! yea i like the look of both RK and GT body kits not sure which one to get im saving fo the trifecta tune and supercharger sadly no(i hope your talking about the clutch lol)..the dealership only had 1 g5
  6. gavin507

    I am a little confused

    this^ not sure why they did but they did..
  7. gavin507

    New g5!

    will do
  8. gavin507

    New g5!

    i might get the hood but im not to big on body kits i scrub on everything as it is
  9. gavin507

    New g5!

    yes yes im saving for the supercharger bolt on..i wanna whine lol
  10. gavin507

    New g5!

    its above your post lol sorry guys
  11. gavin507

    New g5!

    well i have an Injen CAI, Magnaflow exhaust, And B&G springs..lol just doesn't show in the pics
  12. gavin507

    New g5!

    Hey..new here but im on g5club..i drive an 07 pontiac g5..here are some pics! any tips or suggestions just let me know!
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