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  1. Hey All, Here's my Blue on Blue 04 GTO. This photo probably would have been better for the December or January POTM, but I just had to share it with you.
  2. My much loved Blue on Blue M6 2004 Goat. I think the blue fits well with the glacier in the back ground. The only down side to living in Alaska is that my Goat spends a good part of the year in storage, but come spring it's the perfect car for weekend getaways. Other than a needed Mishimoto replacement radiator, she is completely stock, but will still walk away from most anything we come up against, and is perfect for carving out mountain roads.
  3. Fantastic! I would love to show off my Pontiac pride year round up here!
  4. That's cool! I have been down to Girdwood for the summer Hippy craft fair in the woods. That is some beautiful country, but then again I point out something almost daily to my wife and exclaim "look how beautiful that (mountain/river/valley/forest/random animal) is!" Thanks for the warm welcome to the group everyone. I've lurked around the forums for awhile now, but once I had a picture of my goat with snow on her, I knew I had to share. lol
  5. Right? I spent a year looking for it. I had every auto buying website I could find bookmarked on my computer and would check them daily for cars up to 750 miles away. Then one day a dealership 5 miles from my house popped up with exactly what I wanted. I moved to Wasilla near Anchorage. So far I'm loving it!
  6. Thanks! I just moved up here this summer. I almost, ALMOST, sold it before moving but I had spent so long looking for this one I knew I would never find it again, (blue on blue with a manual). So finally I loaded her on a trailer and hauled her up the Alaskan Highway. By the time I got here she was a very dirty girl, and I still find dirt in various nooks and crannies, but it has been worth it! Luckily I get a good 9 months of good weather each year so life is good!
  7. My snow bound GTO. I didn't get her stored before the first snow of the season, but I love the way the snow highlights the grill and the fenders.
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