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  1. I have a bit of a theory on some of the inconsistencies that have appeared between population, especially countries. Having been a researcher in another life, a few things struck me. This virus like stainless steel and plastic among other hard non porous surfaces, but to me it appears that the less oxidative the surface the longer it stays! So likewise folks who have a higher antioxidant level I their system may stand a better chance to minimize the virus. Plus the virus is a fat cell type virus! Certain acids breakdown fat cells better and faster than other. There are also some fatty acid chemistries, like Lauric acid that actually disintegrate other fat molecules. just a thought and observation!
  2. There was another one I thought about for a second, but than I thought better, pretty X rated. It involved a unsavory woman an act and something melting!🤭
  3. That’s got to be disappointing, sorry! Hopefully this will abate in a month or so. The life can start to return to so semblance of normalcy! Till then air on the side of caution, but not like the lunatic fringe, in either direction does! Thanks Ringo! You stay safe as well! Fact is I don’t think they know enough yet too say who will or won’t be affected badly!
  4. Well it appears you’re just melting away now! The big 60! Happy Birthday Buddy!
  5. Thanks buddy! You be good now! No playing with the COV 19 🤒 😷! You know they said it came from animals; wait for it, like goats!😳 Finished the new emblem for the front cover. Now if I can just get some good weather to paint!
  6. Welcome fellow Buckeye, Cardinal or Carnation whichever you choice!
  7. Cover & splitter complete fit tested! Now ready for primer.
  8. Cooler brackets, cooler, NACA duct air intake done. cover on with inlet hose attached
  9. Love it Mike! Looks to all be coming together! Like Frosty said, you got to be getting excited to put it on the road! Can’t wait!
  10. Fitzy, I think JustA & Frosty’s answer was dead on! I love cars, I have always appreciated an original car whether it was concourse, survivor or just original, but used. But for me I have never been able to leave a car alone, because the OEM’s builds a car for the masses, to appeal to the basic public Who will like the cars design, buy the car and then buy an other one 3 to 5 years later! These same folks also have no interest in the car beyond initial looks! Just drive it and than after 6 months the car will be lucky to get washed once a month. A concourse car is hard to enjoy for a true driving enthusiast, to much invested to risk. Most just use them as an investment. I point to Carrol Shelby! He took great British steel and some American ingenuity & muscle (427cid) and history speaks for itself. So I too say do whatever pleases you! If you do it one way and don’t like it, change it, try it again till you get it JustA the way you like it!
  11. Fitzy, I couldn’t agree more with my friends about the love of cars, of Pontiac, of Detroit!! They are not that far from me and I grew up 55 miles from Cleveland Ohio, which was in the beginning of the auto industry a huge component. I also grew up 4 miles from Geneva Ohio, the birthplace of Oldsmobile! I couldn’t have said what JustA said any better! While I’m a bit older and I saw the change coming a shade sooner! Here in the states I could never understand it! To me they were and still are junk! I’ve worked on them, I’ve tested them and I’ve driven them for testing! So for me it’s not an opinion it’s fact. What JustA said about throw away cars so true! Still for me it’s more disturbing than that! I have no ill will towards these countries or their people, but one did attack us and a few of the others cost tens of thousands of American lives. I was drafted during the TET offensive in Nam, but was given 2H classification because of a major football injury in high school. Later on I could not wrap my head around how men who hard fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam turn around and buy these cars while their brothers were being laid off! Than worst of all, to have the very government that did all of this give the breaks through unfair trade laws to these very same countries; unforgivable! So you see for me it’s about honor and allegiance! I never felt that way about the Brits, or Australians or any of the other allies! I never felt like the built junk either!
  12. Let me Justa say this about that! In the Middle Ages the educated believed the the plague was caused by witches! Than as more and more died the scientists of the time believed finally it was the rats! Ultimately it was the fact that basically they were all just a bunch of filthy pigs that infected themselves by their filth that breezed fleas that carried the disease. We now have Lyme disease that has far reaching affects that the educated deny. So even though there is more evidence that points to man having very little impact on the co2 impact to the planet, I know I believe the educated!!😁
  13. Tom, what Two Lane ask is relevant and those readings are adequate, but not great! The fact that you have that much variation between cylinders indicates a deficiency somewhere. I would recommend you do a leak down test! This will start to help you determine if it’s valves, seals or rings. So for right now I think you need to answer those questions first. Once those are answered let us know what you discovered. We can than help you with further steps forward.
  14. Danny if you are asking for the former, as Frosty has described and you have a piston available the measurement is quite easy. Take a piece of 1/4 inch polycarbonate sheet large enough to cover the top of the piston, basically a flat plate. Ou can use other materials, but the polycarbonate allows you to see any air that’s trapped. Hold the polycarbonate to the piston with a couple of C clamps and see where the most logical place is to drill a 1/8 diameter through hole. Mark that spot, remove the plate, drill the hole and remount the plate. Take a graduated cc syringe fill it with water. Fill the space between the plate and piston with the water till all the air is gone. Deduct that amount from what the total volume was in the syringe and that’s the piston top cc volume. You may have to practice with it a little to get the technique down.
  15. If it’s stock all the 428 heads were 72cc.
  16. One of the single reasons the establishment gets away with their hype about carbon emissions is simply this! It is one of the most complexed occurrences on earth with so many variables they can easily spoon feed the knowledge-less public what they wish! For example Mt. Etna in Italy produces 5.8 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. There are approximately 6000 volcanoes on earth that they know of, but it’s estimated that it’s closer to 10,000 because of ones that can’t be found at the deepest areas of the oceans. It is also known that mountain ranges not only absorb co2, but also release it at their peaks. Likewise a large wind turbine uses hundreds of gallons of oil in their gear box which must be changed usually twice a year. Their bodies use a lot of fiberglass and their blades are entirely made of fiberglass, which comes from crude oil and there is more beyond that, big carbon footprint! Solar? Just as bad! The snake oil salesmen only tells you want he thinks will make you go away feeling it’s a better choice! Like well there is a little negative hear, but it’s still way better than petroleum! Well guess what? It’s not! At best; it’s a trade off! There are some nasty chemical processes associated with making those panels, but they lie about it. Kind of like they did with coal mining and black lung. The panels themselves have been found to cause a large increase in temperatures in and around the areas where they are located. Even more than wind turbines do in their area! Yes wind turbines cause localized warming because of how they stir the air at ground level. I could go on, but you get the point. One last comment! Not to get all biblical, but Revelations 6.6 says this! Protect the oil & wine! There is a reason for that. Those two specific things are God given and meant to be used for men’s benefit and both can be used as readily as not for energy. Oil lamps date back to ancient Babylon and it is know that wine was refined down to be alcohol! Fuel! Think of it this way! It’s harder to control the bulk of humanity with multiple sources of energy. With one source of energy as your only option that becomes much easier!
  17. Sorry there is only one plus to an electric car and that is a dead start takeoff! Because a electric motor is a constant velocity engine, more so than any other engine! This factor gives it a very unique power curve when compared to any engine of comparable hp, but that’s it! Their torque cures tend to be flat as does HP. Then there is the whole ecology thing, seriously! No wonder snake oil salesmen still thrive today! In this world today as a whole you can not make electricity cheaper than gas and you can not make it without the same pollution effect that go with combustion engines! Anyone that says they can is; you got it a snake oil salesmen! Even wind energy has as big of carbon footprint as petroleum! Anyone who reads about energy extensively knows that! So what is the big push behind electric? Well what was the big push behind poisonous fluorescent lights to take the place of a proven inertia tungsten wire in a glass enclosure? Somebody with deeper pockets than any of us can imagine and someone none of us has ever heard of. Sorry, but it’s true!
  18. Well when I measure for tire alignment I usually use a a good wide stiff tape measure. I go to the back and front tires, because with FWD’s you align both front and rear, I look to see what and where the limiting height restriction is for a straight across measurement is. I measure that height and than measure both sets of tires at that height, at the back and the front of the tire. I use the hook part of the tape measure and get a hold on the last tread edge, closest to the outside edge, but not the outside edge of the tire, but the last tread edge. I measure from that edge to the mating edge at the other tire, but overall it doesn’t really matter as long as you have a dependable location to attach to that can be matched up on the other side & front and back as well as front and rear tires, all the same location. This not only gives you toe in, but if you know your front and back track difference between the front track and rear track, which in your case should be 1”. Then you’ll know you’re where you should be. If you have changed the front or rear track and want to check it then you need to make a setup that butts to the outside of each tire at again the highest point you can measure across from one tire to the other. Make that measurement and that’s the track width. Also meant to mention that increasing the air pressure in a shorter sidewall tire, obviously within reason, will give a better ride. Also, if you have a two foot level, have the wheels pointed straight, place the level vertically against each front tire, note where the bubble is and let me know. That disparity can really impact handling.
  19. 360, I think you have several things going on! So I would like to help you step through it before you spend more money to get something less than you could actually have. First of all if you kept offsets the same as they were before as you state than something is wrong! The original track width for the car was 61” front track, 60” for the rear track. That 1” difference should still be the same! The only things that would change it are offset, different tire size or toe in! So if tire size is the same front and rear and the same as before, remeasure the front track again, but measure the front of the front tires and then the back of the front tires! If that number is more than a 1/8 to 1/4 inch that is part of the problem. Also by going to a different size rim, 17” vs 15”, this can change the camber drastically, which in turn changes the caster. Also a shorter sidewall tire actually requires more air pressure than a larger sidewall tire of comparable size. This may sound wrong, but it’s not! Think of it this way, old style bike tires use less air pressure than an English bike! The English bike uses almost twice as much! So in the new 17” tires you should be running at least 36 psi in the rear tires and 37 psi in the front and that should be done with the tire is cold, not driven yet, at 70 degrees! Add or detract 1 psi for every 10 degrees of temperature above or below 70 degrees. Next tire compounds make a huge difference in ride, both handling and stiffness. Everybody has their own preference, so that’s a personal choice. You might try to find out what the compounds are that are in the Khumo or Nittos, but as a rule neither one of them use the friendliest of compounds.
  20. Copy that! Really! Great to hear from you as JustA said!
  21. Moving forward with the layout of the tranny cooler, as well as the NACA duct leg of the ram air, I think this will work out quite well! For the tranny cooler mount, it’s a very solid mount, but doesn’t come in contact the ac condenser, which I really dislike! When they attach an add on cooler by tie wraps pulled through the radiator/condenser, you’re just asking for trouble! The braided lines will attach fairly easily and there will be very good air flow. These cars have a divided air flow setup. The lower air inlets, below the upper grilles, feed the whole surface area of the condenser/radiator, but in a graduated throat, that predominantly feeds the largest amount of air to the lower half of that area. While increasing the velocity of the air the high up the throat it goes. Conversely the upper grilles have a direct high flow, while moving of course, impact on the upper surface area. As you all know, this setup takes the bottom radiator tranny cooer line and breaks it. The out line is than diverted to the cooler in and the out cooler line is taken back to the tranny. I still have quite a lot to do here yet. I need to get an adaptor for the return line out of the radiator to the cooler and then an adaptor to mate up to the tranny. Plus clean an repaint the lower end of the radiator framework and the new cooler bracket as well. The NACA duct ram air setup is nearly complete now and appears there will be no issues with hooking it up or disassembly when needing to do a front cover removal.
  22. That is the greatest news buddy!! Somethings a prayer is answered simply by pushing us in the right direction. I reserve that belief here as your wife’s decision to get a second opinion! None the less we will continue to pray for the best outcome for the future!
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