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  1. I understand you may think you had some Cibie’s, but if you are comparing them to T3’s then you did not! First of all Cibie are only non sealed Halogen lights! Which in the 1990 were still illegal in the US for highway use. Which made them difficult to obtain. T3 are sealed beam! Second Cibie’s are a special metal parabolic housing, that use pure silver that is plated on to the housing, with a patented specifically cut 24% lead crystal lense that distributes the light very similar to a cutoff projection headlight. This combination presents a wider flatter, but further out light pattern than any past or present sealed beam headlight! This headlight became the benchmark that all the marketers of today try to achieve. The very advertising photos they use to show are exactly the same type photo Cibie used in the late 1960’s. They also were quite pricey! Third, with respect to light, any light, when used for illumination, but with concentration, there are two very important requirements! Number one is the design of the parabolic and it’s reflective surface characteristic! Then the all important Kelvin temperature. This temperature, color spectrum, determines how things are illuminated. This feature and only this feature is a more desirable element than the stock Halogen bulb! But in today’s world you could and can install an HID or LED bulb and have the best of both worlds! The fact is that a 7” round parabolic is the best headlight shape followed by a 5” round! Followed by nothing! One of the main reasons manufacturers stated producing projection headlights was because their chopped up sculpted headlight designs just plain sucked! They needed a way to get back to an honest parabolic shape to be able to reflect light with the physical properties that come from that physics law!
  2. Copy that! Same deal hear! Yeah! Oh! Well maybe not!😷
  3. The 7E8 code is a cat failure code. Which can be a number of things! Complete cat failure, a crack in the housing or pipe or flange. You’ll have to inspect it to see. More than likely with the car in the air and running.
  4. Thank you, you guys are great! But now I need to decide which one! I was sure originally Chief of the Sixes was it, but now I’m leaning towards the Grand Prix Flaggs/Pontiac Arrowhead!
  5. This is when I wish I had put in the ground tank! I would fill it up to the top! Oh yah, that’s right I couldn’t! City regulations and all, dah!!
  6. Trying to easy the lockdown boredom. Moving along with the steering wheel center & sport foot rest.
  7. Yup! Foot peddle would make a big difference in control. I’m not a fan of mig, I’ve used it often, but I just prefer tig. Better control for heat and bead control! That said when I weld thin sheet metal I usually like acetylene and aircraft welding tips. You can actually control this type of welding best of all. While it’s not good for production work, takes longer, but from a welding standpoint, it’s stronger and less grinding. I’ll take a Willoughby Brewing Company Wheat, thank you!
  8. Tell her the newest look is drywall to the floor no trim just exposed nailheads showing! Also the less perfect the wall looks the less people see small imperfections!😁
  9. $2.50 for premium at Shell or Sunoco, yay, oh yah isolation!
  10. I agree! Same goes here for me! We call them people who have driver’s licenses! Had one a year or so back on a 4 lane driving with no hands, on an IPad, curb lane, drive of the road, up over the curb, a crossed the tree lawn, on to the sidewalk, missed the bus stop sign, but not trying to and back out onto the road and never hit the brakes once!!! 😳🤭
  11. Well if you went there you could claim you were social distancing! I doubt that there are many folks there right now?
  12. Yup! Saved a lot of money on BBQ fuel! Just sit on the dock and roast a wiener! Hopefully not your own! Yes and at the Frosty bar, wait for it, - - you can get a cold corona!! Captain Hook would be proud!
  13. Well, I don’t have pond/lake on the property, but if I walk about 3/4 of a mile I can dip my toes in Lake Erie. Yet this time of year you might have to amputate them when I pull them out! 😳
  14. That’s a 10-4 good buddy. Those are interchangeable, but you have to get all the hardware! Brackets, dust plates & the master cylinder will be different so will the in-line restrictors. Then there is the obvious.
  15. Copy that! Glad to hear about the wife as well!
  16. Thanks Ringo! It beats an apartment if you don’t like that kind of environment, and I don’t! two different views on the patio.
  17. Ok! That looks why to familiar! ! Except it’s why to wet & cold to sit out!
  18. Really JustA doing the usual! House upgrades, in & out, yard work, lots of yard work! To many dam plants & trees! Oh and the Indian Work. Waiting for better weather to paint & tinkering with some changes to the center of my steering wheel, haven’t made up my mind as to which why I’m going to go! current center more to be done to both of these before I decide!
  19. Peter, if I may? First off, nothing you’ve done should offend anyone! It’s your car you should do exactly what pleases you! Period! Besides, you’ve saved another poncho! You’re posing a question so I answered it, nothing more. With regard to the distributor question. No engine is perfect, some come closer than others and to some degree I think that is proven by a specific engines longevity. The Cleveland was a good motor, but as an overall motor, meaning beyond standard production cars, it fell short! It had several issues, that could be overcome with extensive work, but never really gave back in power for the effort when compared the Pontiac or Chevy. That said you can actually build a GM V8 with the distributor up front! The main reason to set a distributor in the rear of an engine of a rear wheel drive front mounted engine is protection of the electronic brain! Is it necessary? Probably not! In the end though, those engines dominate the car market, race market and more, for more than three decades virtually unchanged, that’s domination! And yes, I’m not a big guy, so I have actually sat inside an engine compartment at times or laid on a covered fender to work on a engine. With respect to the Pontiac manifold design! Just shear genius! There is a whole world of physics around that design principle. It all deals with principles of fuel delivery, vaporization of fuel, density of the charge, volumetric efficiency and separating that from the rest of the engines thermal impact. In essence these are two different worlds that should never meet, except in the combustion chamber, which to a greater extent is why direct fuel injection can actually deliver more power than port injection or carburation.
  20. Yes the original pedal was curved! I believe most of the pre 1990 car pedals were curved, clutch & brake. Some more than others, but still curved not flat! The two reasons I believe are simple. One as you push down on the pedal it goes through an arch. The curved pedal allows your foot to stay in contact with the pedal as it goes through the arch better than a flat surface, this is a proven fact. Secondly an curved surface allows greater psi pressure on the pad surface, not pedal pressure, but pressure on the pedal surface. Which minimizes the tendency for your foot to slide of the pedal, aka a type of hydroplaning if you will and this does actually happen. As I’ve said before, the old timers were pretty dam smart, not so much today! Now most pedals are flat, which is why that’s what you are use to seeing!
  21. Well since the temperatures aren’t cooperating yet & we’re in lock down, I thought I’d do some other mods. One I had started several years ago, a sport foot rest and the other was a recent idea. A new center for the steering wheel. sport foot rest goes on the left side on the raised area of floor. original center I designed. new designed center. After all the Indian is a six, so why not the Chief of the Sixes Indian Head. also a new backing plate of amber Ultem. long way to go to cleanup all this detail & then polish.
  22. A couple other possibilities. First one of the first symptoms of an IAT going bad is hesitation/stumble/stutter, so check that. The other real possibility is the fuel pump or regulator. A simple check! Get a pressure gage, get a hose with the correct fittings to connect to the schrader valve on the fuel rail. Make sure that it’s long enough to mount somewhere at the windshield area or inside the cabin, where you can see it. Run the car as you normally would to generate the problem, note the pressure readings. This will tell you if that’s where the problem is. Also the 4t65e & 4t65e-hd can cause this same symptom, under the right conditions, but again, I doubt that to be the problem.
  23. Yah, that’s not belt slippage! If the belt was just slipping the engine would run normal, but not with boosted power! Something else is going on. Maybe fuel injectors, maybe coil, maybe even the blower itself has an issue (doubtful)! Tell us some more of how it performs over all! For instance idle, hard throttle, standing hard launch, etc.
  24. Ok I have to ask this first! What occurs that makes you think you have belt slippage?
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