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  1. No doubt as time marches on someone may figure out how to make this work for functional metal parts. In general plastic & ceramic parts are really all that work well off 3D printing because of the process using granular material. Metal parts are sintered metal, which in general are weak, I.E. break easily.
  2. I don’t blame you for the want! If I had endless money & garage space and a few other things, none of which are going happen. I’d be right there with you. I drove the SS for work just before I retired, I drove The G8 before it was the G8, as again it came to work via American Axle and I was on that project. Also my Daughter owned a G8 GT. That all said every one of them have one major problem that keeps me from being enthusiastic enough to do so. The front suspension! What an abortion, as well as a counterproductive design. Again all that said, check is GXP out, maybe it’s for you! https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/l-Used-2009-Pontiac-G8-GXP-t35497#listing=197204749
  3. Love the the work you’ve put in it 31! Like I said before, brings back fond memories. Thanks for sharing, back in the day we really didn’t take much in the way of pictures. Took a lot of time and money then as opposed to now.
  4. Can’t say I’ll miss any of them, not even the Viper or SS. The Viper was way, way over priced. The SS what can you say? Not really much of a loss, as soon as I remove the emotion a days long passed it really wasn’t much of a car, especially for 55 grand!
  5. Ok! You’ve got my vote for replacement CEO of GM! Ohhh if it was that simple! I guess I’m to old, I long to smell a good hydrocarbon burn of oil/gas. Pretty soon it’ll just be that smell of hot electrical components and a lithium battery of off gassing!
  6. Right you are 360! I always forget Pontiac does it that way as opposed to Chevy. That said, makes it even a little more necessary to follow the process and verify exactly where TDC is. So 10 degrees advance is 10 degrees. To do this right you’ll need a degree wheel, the proper indicator and patiences.
  7. 360, you are right, light is a light, but the timing tab that the harmonic moves past can get knocked out of position. The only way to verify it’s accuracy is to do the indicator check for TDC.
  8. 360, the difference between your timing light & his digital led is a tach! The led/digital knows the rpm of the engine, so it only looks at the scored TDC mark on the harmonic, it ignores the timing tab, It times, in milliseconds 360 degrees to the next fire & wha la timing. You really don’t need it if you do two things that I suspect are your disconnect for proper timing. Either pull your harmonic balancer or buy a new one & take it to a shop that will set it up on a degree chuck & scribe in 50 degrees before & after TDC. This is very accurate when done right, preferably they should also check the TDC mark with the keyway first. Once this is done & reinstalled, pull #1 spark plug, using an proper type indicator get TDC of the piston. Now take the timing tab & cut it to a point where it is pointing at TDC of the harmonic balancer. Or obviously you could buy a Led digital timing light.
  9. Well got the splitter mounted up, so this would be the basic look. Still need to make two stanchions for each out end and a little more finish work. Than primer when weather permits.
  10. While this discussion could go on for a long time and mutate perpetually, I will add just a few more observations from my 66 years on this rock. We’re all kind of right in our statements and there are many exceptions and variations to them, so I’m not casting any stones. Yet as a society in the US we are shifting towards becoming Eloi not Morlocks! These are the two humanoids from Earth in H G Wells Time Machine. The Elois did nothing, they just relaxed all day every day. Didn’t even grow their own food, but they were the food for the Morlocks in payment for the Morlocks providing everything for them. Anyway electronic/digital technology is a marvelous development and has a prominent place in society, just not the dominant place. Unfortunately it does, but not just the dominant place, but to a great degree the only place! All of those electronic/digital technologies can’t produce a single beneficial product without mechanical hardware being there first. Frosty & JustA might remember a few things and be aware. The rest of you may not, but I dislike talking about myself, though I will mention some here to make a point. I hated school! I was bored, I wanted out, my home life was, well not good and the only thing I liked was sports and cars, even at 8 years of age. I had a high IQ and everyone wanted and expected more. Fast forward to college, just 1 semester, hurt in football never went back. Now only college prep under my belt, zero experience in any craft an still by 21, I was doing higher level tool & die machining. By 25 I had moved to LZ where I was doing R&D machining which was intricate and complex. By 27 I was heading up projects to create new testing equipment. Still I was looked down on by my very own managers as just a blue collar machinist! When I was 41a mechanical engineer in our engine lab pulled me from my managements death grip. That is real what it was as they still had involvement in my activity and became increasingly more envious of my work continuously. At 45 one PhD changed everything for me, he was introduced to me by the the engineer I spoke of. What is relevant here is he was German not American! They don’t view higher education and technical skills the way the US does. In Europe and Asia in general they view technical skills a little like the US views computer tech skills! Having a degree doesn’t mean as much as being able to do, Ringo & Frosty should get this! I worked with this PhD for 8 years, by the third year I had three mechanical patents relative to the work we were doing. I was designing, machining & building new products & test equipment & running’s projects. Then and only then did they start coming out of the woodwork & additional patents ensued. So much so that I was told by my managers that I was too valuable to work in the machine shop any longer so I was moved to engineering were I finished my career. Some time later in a conversation with with my manager, who was an engineer, but only about 30. We were discussing thermal expansion and from there a discussion about my brake system I had designed some 30 years earlier and the fact that the rotors were assembled out of three pieces. That these three parts were thermally put together without welding and used to stop a 3300 lb. car. He couldn’t believe it! I explained to him how the old steam locomotives wheels were assembled on to the axle of the locomotive and he had never heard of such a thing! Unbelievable! He’s a college degreed engineer/manager. A hundred years ago the machinist was elevated in our society. He lived on the same street with doctors & lawyers. He was quite often the logical choice to be made an engineer! He was for all intended purpose an engineer, a metallurgist, a designer of equipment even before those titles existed. Frosty I have no doubt that your father at some point in his illustrous career knew such men. We, a society who thinks so much of ourselves here in the states are in for a rude awakening! It is a shame because I do believe that heart still beats in the young, but to many morons from my generation have forgotten the 60’s long ago and have become far worse that what they thought their parents generation was when they were protesting so vehemently. Today we send kids to college to be something they really aren’t suited for, while the ones left out usually are not the best minds for the higher skilled jobs. Colleges are about endowments and profit, building more buildings and bolstering their rankings. Not the welfare of students and certainly not In the best interest of the country!
  11. Yes that too is a common problem, the display goes bad. Sometimes they’ll display, but it will be jumbled. This places is reliable, I’ve done business with them. Reasonably priced. http://www.oemradios.com/gm_radios.php
  12. Actually if you disconnect the power in anyway from the radio and the unit has the pass code anti theft option set you can’t do anything with the radio when you repower it. the attach link explains the process to unlock the radio if that is the problem. https://www.gmpartsonline.net/blog/how-to-unlock-your-chevy-or-gmc-radio-without-paying-a-dime
  13. The radios in those cars came with a pass code protection. I can’t recall all of the detail at this moment, but under certain situations it lock and then you need the code. If this were to be the case see if the previous owner has the code. If not google what to do in the case of pass code lock.
  14. It’s a horrible disease, my mother-in-law had it for ten years and past at 91. Still none of its easy to watch whatever it is. My father-in-law suffered and deteriorated from prostate cancer, very ugly to watch, my mom with bladder cancer not as bad, but still very rough and I lost my older brother at 23 to a seven year battle with a cancer they couldn’t even identify so he became a case study. So Frosty you surly have my sympathy and prayers. Your dad knows how much you care though, I know he does!
  15. I’m sorry Frosty, I should have explain myself better! GM should never have axed Pontiac. It was the third best selling brand, ahead of Buick, and that was because of America sales. Likewise the sales of Buick in China the way GM touted didn’t really happen. The hierarchy of GM should never have allowed the government to bully them into killing Pontiac. Yes many mistakes had been made, but not just by Pontiac or GM! As you aptly point out, the government had a huge roll in the auto industry’s problems. Then with respect to the service industry statement. I was specifically speaking of actual service technicians coming to fix virtually anything for people because they, 1. literally have on knowledge or ability to do so and/or 2. are to lazy to do so. And yes for those who are too busy and have the money it’s a different matter. I am all about manufacturing! It is the single most important function and the main core of business. I addressed a local small business council about 10 years ago. In that address I told them that the biggest disconnect how they approached technical skilled jobs like welding, machine, fabricating, etc. I put it this way to them. What saved America in WWII wasn’t the military! This wasn’t to take anything away from all the soldiers who gave everything they were true heroes in every since of the word! Yet the real saviors were the men who literally overnight converted factories from making appliances, cars, farm implements etc to tank plants, bomber and fighter plants, munition plants, etc. without that happening those soldiers didn’t stand a chance. We clearly haven’t learned from history. If a country can’t make its own machines of war, it’s domed to fall to its enemies. I’m sorry to say I fear there are not enough skilled folks left to ever mount such an effort as we had then. We couldn’t even help New Orleans or Jersey when they need it in a reasonable length of time. I’ll get of my soap box now. I don’t mean to go on I just get discouraged with it all when I see such decay in the basics. It’s hard to rebuild an engine with a smart phone app!!
  16. This was part of it, but it is complicated and subtly convoluted, wrapped up in greed at the same time. GM’s eyes where on China for quite a while. They thought they could make a killing there and Buick was the weapon of choice. GM’s leadership failed to understand three things, which they still fail to understand. First you must know how to capture your own home market, you know the one they keep losing more of each year. Secondly GM needed to understand that the Chinese, as they have always done, would eventually steal the basic concept of Buick and do it for themselves thus sticking it to GM which has now happened! Thirdly they needed to recognize that the large majority of car buyers today don’t care about style, mechanical function or what is actual reality. You needn’t look any further than the service industry growth in this country over the past two decades to realize this. The masses are so lazy they won’t even cook for themselves or get off the couch to go to the store. Let’s face it self driving cars say it all!! Actually, IMO, it was late to the party! That basic idea had already been done!
  17. Good Luck to all! A special thanks to Ringo for his generosity and hard work on this site! We all appreciate it!
  18. Thanks buddy! Gonna be itchin to get things painted when the weather permits. I assume I’ll be ready by then.
  19. What Frosty says is very good & accurate, you can go bigger, but for rear wheel drive the 1.250” front 1” rear is a good balance. The main key is to make the bars work. Any motion other than the bars twisting is lost energy that results in more than need be body roll. Two additional things that I would touch on that really makes those bars work is this. In addition to the polyurethane bushings for the sway bar links you need polyurethane bushings that go between the frame brackets, when you install these drill the brackets for grease fittings & drill a through hole in the bushing, use a marine grease. Also shorten the end links as short as you can & increase the bolt diameter to at least 3/8 diameter. This will necessitate finding polyurethane bushings with a larger thru hole, but they can be had.
  20. I don’t think I’m ever going to get this thing to fly! The wings to small! well moving a little closer. Well the final weight should end up lower than I thought. Probably around 6.5 lbs. forgot I had to cutout all the back aluminum to make the tabs. See bottom pic for comparison. Mock-up on car
  21. Ok, yeah I see it now, (said the blind mouse). I’m still thinking the other one has some function for the window too.
  22. I assume you mean the second part for the window regulator? If so I, I wondered if the was the case as it looks like it would be a finger type bumper/buffer for glass.
  23. The top piece is, I believe, a lock rod bumper, part number 15144942. The second piece I’m not sure of, but the end with duel arrow end appears to get pushed into a slot. So you might look for a slot inside the door, either in the framework or the internal hardware that matches that size. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Genuine-GM-15144942-Bumper-/181415709010
  24. Although the begging is starting to get to my knees ! As we said in my day, screwed, glued & tattooed! All kidding aside she’s a great gal, has really put up with a lot of my insane ideas for 45 + years!
  25. Ok! JustA you win! I’ll just put the bath in and count my blessings. It could be so much worse. The bath I only have to do once, the clothes I have to buy forever.
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