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  1. Ok! Ok! Seriously! It’s 110! It’s not like you’re going to feel anything! I’ve been zapped several times in my life, (lucky bastard)! You just need to let go! :rofl: Ok so 50 volts or less and less than 1 amp can have you looking down on your own body! But it won’t hurt!😁

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  2. Kiwi, I’ve been gone for awhile so I haven’t been up on anything! Really sorry for your loss! Harry was a little cutie! What’s important is what the bond was and that was clearly strong! 
    We’re here for you if you need us! You and yours are in my prayers mate!

  3. 2 hours ago, 64 kiwi boni said:

    Wow, I could only imagine doing a 12.3 !!!

    fastest I ever went was a 14.9 in the camaro a few years ago haha.😜


    Anything close to 12 is a blast, but there’s fast then there’s quick and then there is holy ?!#*@! Some time back before you were on here Kiwi Frosty and I had a conversation about my father-in-law! He was In WWII. He was a test pilot for the Navy, he also fly reconnaissance mission over China and the China Sea. He was somewhat famous if you will, but most of that came after he left the Navy. He and a very close and good war mate started an airport and acquired surplus F2g Corsair’s theses were 4800 hp machines. Long story short the video is of his Corsair after it was resurrected a few years back both Corsairs in the video belonged to them and flew multiple years in the famous Cleveland Air Races known as the Thompson Trophy Race! The planes even as prop planes flew close to the speed of sound! That’s fast!https://youtu.be/v4HfZkNkxys

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  4. On 9/29/2020 at 6:38 AM, Stewy said:

    🤦‍♂️Calm down, geeze. I was never calling you out - only relating my experience. My conversations with those who have installed them. My visual inspections of installations. My readings of technical documents relating to them. Guess I can't do that? I do not think less of you for installing one. As I noted previously, I'm happy you have one and that it's working out for you and wish you nothing but continued success. Also as noted, I have no idea what brand you have, how it's specifically installed and so on. For all I know you know the secrete to picking a reputable unit and installing it such that it's issue-free.

    Stewy, I never thought you were calling me out! What could you call me out for? I’m not mad at you, by all means I could have conveyed your right to do what you wish for your situation with a little less zest! If you think you understood the failure mechanism of what you saw and you saw it to be a device failure and not installation failure, that’s all that matters to you! We’re good as far as I’m concerned.

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  5. 8 hours ago, 64 kiwi boni said:

    My fe Holden 


    it was a cool car, 161 red engine, 3 on the tree. and my first build.... ah:stars: wish i had kept it, but back then i was watching movies with chevs in them and that was what i wanted !

    I’m with a JustA! Big smile! Man that does bring back the days! The smells! The sounds and the feelings of excitement! Never going to be there again, but it is fun to reminisce and remember! 
    Non of us were much on taking picture in those days now I wish we had! It would be cool to see again. 

    23 hours ago, Ringo64 said:

    Guys, let's just take a moment before your next reply so this does not escalate. Want to keep things respectful. If you have any problems, please feel free to take them to a side chat with myself and I can try to help remedy. Thank you.

    Sorry Ringo! Blame me! 🥺

  6. On 9/29/2020 at 1:19 AM, 64 kiwi boni said:

    Last indian, thank you for you inside to why automatic transmissions, shit themselves👍,

    i can totally relate !

    my first 56 chev was a four door and i was just 16, i bought this thing and it was running a 283 with power glide, i hammered it ( as you do as a kid) and 2 weeks after i bought it, i had killed the glide.

    i had really know idea what was wrong but back then, the local garage was own by a man i will never for get. his name was george and he lived 50 steps away from his garage and he would drive his 50 two door chev to the garage every morning and every night ( this is new zealand remember) so it was pretty cool.

    i towed my 56 to him and parked out front by the pumps, explained what had happened and he popped the bonnet , pulled the dip stick and sniffed it!! i though the old guy was mad... why would you want to smell my trans oil ??? 

    he said i had fried my trans, he looked underside and asked where my trans cooler was ? i said " a what" he then said ok, thats where we need to start.... i was only 16, but this old guy walked me into his dirty old office, sat me down and said "chris" i am going to tell you how you broke your trans.....

    I was all ears!:unsure:

    "you have have been doing skid aye! "


    "well son, i am going to have to rebuild your transmission and you need a oil cooler to help stop this from happening again  son, racing cost money you know that aye?"

     i reply " yes" ( he was growling  me)

    THAT was my first lesson on trans oil getting hot and i will never forget it, so Last Indian, your insite to oil once again has reminded me of how much it impacts on the performace of everything in our hobby :dancingpontiac:

    i think i will share a very special picture with you all ... bear with as its a bit hard to up load pictures to this site at the moment🙄 

    Kiwi, thanks! Sounds like George was pretty cool! Those are the kind of men I spent a good share of my time around! The old timers! As I have said for a very long time, the old timers were pretty damn smart! Fluid coolers, be they water or oil! High pressure or low pressure date back as far as 3000 BC! Aircraft until the end of WWII use a combination of air & oil cooled engines! No airplane ever used water as a cooling method. Chevy’s famous Corsair used a combination of air cooling and a external oil cooler! All of these were done without any more incident then any other mechanical devise expected failure rate! So when some tells me how the use of such a device is skeptical to them because its possibly unreliable; yes I’m going to push back! Cheers to you mate! 

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  7. 8 hours ago, Stewy said:

    Trust me when I say, I have done more research into the topic than you may, or may not, realize. To each their own. Your car. My car. We each have our desired setup. What works for you may, or may not, work for me and vice versa.

    TRUST ME! I don’t give a flying fig if you run a cooler or not! Nor what extensive research you may or may not have done! If you have 8 patents in the field of fluid mechanics and the apparatuses that go with them, and 4 patent pending and all the hundreds of hour of testing them as I have than I’ll listen! But a story of some idiot that can’t install one right and then blames the cooler manufacturer for his incompetence isn’t research. 

    The conversation was as much for information for other folks whom might be interested in understanding certain issues with relevance to the transmission issues that occur as anything! It wasn’t all about you, or me!

  8. 5 hours ago, Stewy said:

    For close to 19 years (since my 6th generation GP) I have occasionally been thinking about putting an external trans cooler in. I know there are many brands of external coolers - Desert Fox is one that jumps immediately to mind - however I continually come back to the many "pain-in-the-butt" (or the occasional horror) stories of the aftermarket external coolers (regarding leaking and, if left unchecked long enough, trans fluid starvation). Now I have zero idea what make / model of external cooler you run and it very well may be the Rolls Royce of coolers and has / will serve you very well - I'm speaking from my experience only. That said, I am in full agreement that when they are working they provide additional (potentially considerable) air volume movement as well as more efficient cooling of the fluid. On a side note, I would love to get cooling differential covers for both of my truck axles... but for the amount I drive the truck, coupled with how hard I drive it, I would have a very hard time justifying a $400+ investment cost to my wife (who is not a big car / truck person) 😉.

    Do you trust your radiator? Do you trust the connections of the hoses, and the fittings for tranny lines at the radiator? Do you trust the fact that the guy who disconnected or cut, which ever method they used, as I’ve seen both, those Lines to flush your tranny did it right and put them back together right? If you do why would you not trust one of the oldest principle in mechanics based in human design? If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable in doing the work, hire it! A plate and fin exchanger is hands down the best and using army navy fittings is preferred except for the conversion fitting from flare to an AN fitting. 

    5 hours ago, Stewy said:

    Oh yeah, I'm well versed with Intense and not only their offering of the three shift-kit stages but also other aftermarket companies offering the different stages. For a while I was very much considering putting in a stage 2 or 3 in my 6th generation but, and I don't recall why now, decided against it. While I have also considered installing it in my 7th generation, I really don't know how firm the shifts would be with a shift kit AND reprogramming the PCM's BIN file (even if a stage 1 or 2 were to be installed versus a 3). Installation of the kits isn't bad - taking your time, maybe 30 mins (including lifting the front up) providing no issues were encountered.

    I have a modified ECM! As modified as you can get and this coupled with the shift kit aren’t to much by any stretch! What you hear in that video is a downshift into first then an upshift into second, but just regular driving it shifts nice! It’s firm to the point you know it shifted, but not at all intrusive.

    Again I’m just trying to give you a feel for what it could be. 

  9. 12 hours ago, Stewy said:

    For all my vehicles, I'm, quite frankly, anal retentive on keeping great maintenance on, among other vehicle-related components, the transmission fluid and filter (and, from what I read, I know you are as well!).

    That being said, on my wife's and my previous daily driver ('05 Grand Prix GT2 / 3800 Series 3 with the 4T65-E trans), I had the trans fluid, filter and pan gasket (GM says the gaskets are "lifetime" - I personally don't buy it from first-hand experience) changed very 18k-20k miles (which was annual based on our driving) with whatever the current version of Dexron is out (currently I think it's Dex-VI). As a side note, I have the dealership do the trans fluid service because, in one service iteration, the "trans machine" is hooked up to the trans, the trans' pump pushes the old fluid out and brings the new fluid in all the while flushing the torque converter (which, for me, is high on the importance scale).

    Coupled with that, we (especially me) baby our vehicles - no WOT runs / hard accelerations, hard braking (as much as can be avoided), picky about driving over road bumps, etc.. Several years of taking car of the car like this (granted, the car was bought used with, IIRC, around 25k miles), the 4T65-E 1st-2nd clutch pack started slipping.

    That's a good point you make about the softness (and duration) of each up / down shift. I drove a, at the time, new 2001 Mercury Sable for a few days and that car REALLY stood out to me on soft (and long) shifts! Wowzers! One of multiple steps I've taken for Ren, specifically, to help with the longevity of the trans is to programmatically change the shift parameters - shift points (RPMs) based on my driving style, shift duration and line pressure (shift firmness).

    Transmissions - yay 🙃

    Stewy, I have no doubt you baby all of your cars! And while yes I do as well I also enjoy putting them through their paces. Part of that mentality is similar to your truck transmission analogy, if it can take that work out it should be good with all the other lighter work!

    So I’m just giving information here since we can’t really have a back and forth conversation as if we were discussing the topic. The number one enemy of a automatic transmission is heat! Period! Because unlike a manual it has fiber friction plates that degrade from heat more than any other component in the tranny other than the O’ring seals! And still the fiction plates degrade more because they generate enormous amounts of heat right at their surface. So the two heat generated things that kill them are slippage and fluid temp. Slippage can only be controlled two ways fluid characteristics or applied pressure! If you stay with the same transmission oil then the characteristics can’t change so that only leaves applied pressure! Yes you can effect the pressure some what through the ECM, but that is not the same as a mechanical increase! There is an aftermarket company called Intense Racing that sells a performance shift pack that will change the clutch plate lockup to a firmer shift and it gives you three choices as to the firmness you want. I run it in the Indian and I run the firmest one which is strip and it’s not too firm, at least for me. You can hear it on the one video I have on here.

    The other way to effect applied pressure is temperature! The hotter the fluid the thinner, lower viscosity, which translates into lower PSI. If you reduce the heat the whole tranny will thank you! That is why I put in the cooler this past winter! I had procrastinated for years because I don’t drive it that many miles in a year. But this year when I finally did take it out; wow what a difference! It shifts better, especially after it’s been running a while. That is when the heat would normal have started to impact the shifts to the point I could really tell it just wasn’t quite the same! 

    The other impact of heat on the fluid is oxidation! In 1981 Ford requested Lubrizol, the company I worked for, to start running a test called the ABOT test. Fords test was an Albatross! One huge machine with one arm that drove a half quart size aluminum cup filled with some tranny fluid! The cup of fluid was heated to high temperature while being stirred, a little more complex than that, but it’s not relevant here. Inside hung 4 strips of metal, copper, lead, zinc and aluminum. All this was to mimic oxidation in a transmission, which destroys chemistry, causes corrosion and wear. This became one of my first projects! Ford had not just requested us to run it they wanted a redesign, a better mousetrap. This sat for almost 6 months and nobody knew what to do to build a better mousetrap! They had 6 months left and then Ford was going to visit to see the new test that they had been told was no problem! Guess who the buck got past to! You know what happens when you are at the bottom of the hill! Long story short we met the deadline! The ABOT test was now relatively small, about a 2x2x2 and each test unit ran 4 aluminum test beaker not one! So I dare say I understand the inside life of a automatic transmission fairly well!

    I guess what I’m saying is, if you are looking to help the 4t65e not just last, but last much longer and perform better consider impacting the heat! Of all the automatics FWDs as I said are the worst for heat because they must reduce the heat from both the transmission & the transaxle! But this arrangement uses the same size lines the same basic cooler size in the radiator as a rear wheel drive that only cools a transmission and often times in a large core radiator! Think about that!

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  10. 2 hours ago, Ringo64 said:

    Split this topic out so we don't overbear the calendar entries topic. Thanks!

    Thanks Ringo! I knew it didn’t belong there, but I didn’t know how to comment on the topic without losing the others knowledge of where it went!

  11. Montgomery Wards is still in business today, but under the name Wards, and I believe only as a catalog/online retailer! 
    Consider this JustA for a moment! They are the original internet retailer, if you will, considering not even the telephone existed when they came to be,1872! But guess what the didn’t destroy brick and mortar stores! They made them stronger!

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  12. 7 hours ago, 64 kiwi boni said:

    i am having very little luck finding 389 shorty headers that will fit a 64 wide track-non gto pontiac ( mines a Bonneville)

    so i am going to build mine from scratch:dancingpontiac:

    does anyone have a template for header plates, that they can share with me ?

     my plan is if i can get a template, i can take it to my engineer mate with his water lazer, and cut a pair of header plates and i will start from there .👍:cheers:

    I’m sure you know this, but JustA in case! Tube configuration and length are pretty critical in headers! So polish up on your math skills! And as a plumber; no pvc, please! :rofl:

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  13. 11 minutes ago, Frosty said:

    Neutral safety switches are located either on the steering column or on the shifter. Can you show us a picture of the style of shifter that you have. Is it stock or has it been replaced with something from the aftermarket?

    This is the stock style neutral safety switch/back up switch that mounts inside the shifter itself and should have wiring going to it.



    Thanks Frosty! That’s why I asked for a picture for me! I don’t know what type of shifter was used with that bird. The Camaro ran that neutral safety switch on the bottom of the steering column and a separate switch on the shifter for the backup lights! 

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  14. 5 hours ago, Ringo64 said:

    Nothing against the poor fans but from day 1 when they acquired OBJ and Landry and were being all cocky, I am very happy they are struggling :lol: 

    Agreed ! It takes a whole lot more than two really good receivers to make a good football team! Unless they can throw the ball to themselves 😁! It all starts with the guy who picks the guy who picks the guys! If he suck at it, so does the line all the way to the bottom! In our case that guy has sucked since day 1 of the Browns return. Modell was a lousy Person in general, but as an owner he knew how to pick people and then let them do their job! I’ve always said when the Browns moved to Baltimore they really didn’t! They just vanished! Neither Baltimore or Cleveland are reminiscent of the old Browns!

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  15. I don’t know! It just seemed; lacking! I want to see a football game not hear someone beat their gums about an agenda that’s actually pretty skewed! 

    The Browns?! Never fail to deliver incompetence and the same old, same old year after year no matter how much they change! :picard:

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