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  1. On 8/9/2020 at 7:03 AM, Frosty said:

    Busy day for me. I managed to squeeze some time in on Lucy. I got the new RetroSound radio installed in the dash, I swapped out the old circuit board in the back of the gauges for a new one. I re-did the wiring harness for the new tach. I got the dash re-mounted but not fully installed by the time I had to clean up and go to the club meeting.



    Here is what Lucy looked like this morning!


    I had to cut my day short to go to the Widetrackers club meeting. We were meeting at the Pontiac Transportation Museum site in Pontiac for a meeting, a tour, and then a cruise down famous Woodward Avenue! So I rushed and put Lucy away, showered, and got the Buick Roadmonster out for its first ever Woodward Cruise.

    I’ll post about the PTM and Woodward in a separate thread later. Of course I took pictures. Oh and I met up with another member of the FP family for the first time?!


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    Boy does that look familiar! Looks a lot like my 69Z did after a dash fire! Wow what a mess! Especially after it’s been dry chemical sprayed to extinguish it and then an added dash of monoammonium phosphate, just to make sure all A type combustibles are out too! Yuck! Kudos Frosty ! That’s a lot of work and in very uncomfortable positions lots of times!

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  3. 57 minutes ago, 64 kiwi boni said:

    My wife is just like JustA wife 😄 Hahaha, and i dont mind that one bit :cheers:

    Not a thing wrong with that mate! :cheers: All of them are one in a million if you love them! I was JustA saying I can’t complain and I’m lucky for that! She’s kind of use to it because of her dad! He was a famous WWII pilot and post war, race pilot! So she use to get dragged around to racing events and fly-ins and such. So the only think is she really has no desire for car shows or such, but that’s ok as I was never big on car shows either.

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  4. 22 hours ago, Frosty said:

    I know what you mean Wrongway. I JUSTA don't know where I put my soldering gun when I moved 8 years ago and I've had little need of it since. I usually double crimp and shrink wrap the connection to carry me over.

    I might invest in a new one when I get to re-doing the speaker wires.That it going to be a long process for sure.

    JustA thought, but I usually hate to destroy OEM stuff in a car if I can see another way to get there! So you could keep your existing wiring, but just deactivate it or tape it to protect it. Than run new wires from the fuse block, coil and ground. Napa even sells some really nice fuse block add-on wire adaptors!

    I remember we talked about the hydraulic rams you installed before and I had some questions as to the connection threads. So if you want when you get there take some pictures and see if you can resolve this for good!

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