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  1. Boy does that look familiar! Looks a lot like my 69Z did after a dash fire! Wow what a mess! Especially after it’s been dry chemical sprayed to extinguish it and then an added dash of monoammonium phosphate, just to make sure all A type combustibles are out too! Yuck! Kudos Frosty ! That’s a lot of work and in very uncomfortable positions lots of times!
  2. Well, that becomes a little difficult as basically on the old cars you can lay on your back reach up and pop the hood! No latch lever required! That said there are a couple things you can do! First take the coil wire going to the distributor run it into the cabin of the car. Take it to like the glove box! When I did mine on my Camaros I actually built a hidden compartment that you accessed through the glove box. I ran the wire to a toggle switch in the hidden compartment. The other side of the switch I ran back to the distributor. With the switch off even if they try to hot wire it won’t work. The other, but I don’t know if your Grand Prix has a nutral safety switch? But if it does you break one side of the switch and run it to a momentary switch! Without the momentary engaged while starting the car, it won’t start.
  3. Hang in there buddy! You’ll get it figured out! I know it can be exasperating!
  4. Not a thing wrong with that mate! All of them are one in a million if you love them! I was JustA saying I can’t complain and I’m lucky for that! She’s kind of use to it because of her dad! He was a famous WWII pilot and post war, race pilot! So she use to get dragged around to racing events and fly-ins and such. So the only think is she really has no desire for car shows or such, but that’s ok as I was never big on car shows either.
  5. Ok, I have seen everything you guys are saying with the guys I know! And I’ve said this before! Man I am one lucky bastard! 48 years of marriage and I can honestly say she has never done any of that! Me on the other hand, not so much so! She hates, I mean hates clutter and dirt! She saves very little that’s not going to be used. She makes a home that anyone could walk into anytime and never find it but perfect, not bragging, this is her not me! True story! 20 years ago she see’s an add for one room free carpet cleaning. She tells me about it and I say if you want to call them go head. The day they are supposed to come at 1:00, I come home from work at 4:00. I pull in the drive there’s a car, not a van, in the driveway! This can’t be good! I walk in, it’s two guys from Kirby vacuum! They’re trying to sell my wife a Kirby, and of course it can shampoo carpet! Now I’m sorry but you can’t sell my wife anything, she is the ultimate skeptic! She is as sweet as they come, but anything but gullible! They’ve been there an hour, obviously late! Now they’re going to demonstrate how dirty the carpet is! This was hilarious! Where the bag would go he puts a white filter cloth and starts to vacuum! He stops takes the filter cloth off! No change, no dirty, no nothing! Now he goes to the couch, same thing! He turns to me and says, you are a very lucky man! At which I said, I know! So when she complains to me from time to time, but honestly not very often, I just think, I’m a lucky man! And try to be a little less me the car guy!
  6. Copy that buddy no room at the inn! Still I’m pretty happy with pipe stand set up! Gives me 20 inches of clearance under the car which has always been enough get done what I need! And it’s carpeted where the Indian sits and petty well climate controlled year around!
  7. No point Frosty! JustA watching your 6 buddy! I don’t want to see you in a nice heated garage and melt!😁!
  8. Yup! There’s some good shit out there; read that as bad for you! Only been in a hospital 3 times once for a month for pneumonia at 3, almost died, knee surgery at 17 and the car accident in the Z/28 at 26. Always been lucky or healthy depending on your viewpoint, since then!
  9. Tell me about it! When they put my knee back, literally, together from my football injury, there were some drugs! I was in so much pain after 6 hours of surgery, they would come in every 4 hours with morphine and it would be off to la la land!
  10. Drugs! Who knew! Really glad you’re home safe n sound! The rest will come given some time!
  11. Speaking of voices in ones head! Which one told you to change your avatar again?! How can Frosty be a car? Unless it’s an ice cream truck! I know, I know you JustA like to keep us confused! Well that won’t work I was already confused before I got to this forum! So there!
  12. No, if your brain was you wouldn’t even be questioning any of this, you know like buy a live bat for lunch! 😳!
  13. Look! It even has a sampling port! Those NZ! What will they think of next! Tell her it’s a king size bed frame, but it needs a little work first! Glad to hear you’re doing well and on the mend mate!
  14. Welcome! Great looking cars past and present. Love the garage/shop! Since you know Frosty, I’ll JustA say, I feel sorry for you! Just kidding Frosty, don’t go givin me the cold shoulder now!
  15. 360! Buddy! Well deserved! Congratulations!
  16. Hey I thought we were done the China bashing! I’ll give you a month to stop 😁!
  17. Fitzy, sorry we hijaked your thread! As far as taking out the springs, yah most people are a little unnerved about it when they haven’t done it before! There are many ways to remove them, but for the type of springs you have I would recommend the standard standby. See below this type is fairly inexpensive, not much to store after the fact and when used right very safe! you simply take out the shock, install the compressor arms through the center of the spring then the treaded shaft installs to them! Using a socket and ratchet tighten, which compresses the spring. Once you’ve done that, you remove the castle nut, but it’s a good idea to break loose the nut first before you take the tension off the Aarm from the spring, but don’t remove the nut. once the spring is compressed you need a, preferable, floor jack under the Aarm. Take the castle nut off, turn it upside down and thread it back onto the ball joint shaft, leaving about an 1/8 of an inch of the nut sticking above the ball joint shaft. At this point, using two hammers, place one hammer on top of the castle nut and hit it with the other, you could also use a chunk of steel in place of the first hammer, but the second hammer, the one you swing should be a good beefy one, two pound short handle sledge would be good! This will release the ball joint shaft from the steering knuckle. Now lower the floor jack slowly. You will need to most likely push the Aarm down further than it will go on it’s own, so make sure you have the car raised up high enough. Now remove the spring! Place the spring, if you can in a vise, side ways to remove the compressor. To remove the ball joints is fairly easy! All you need is pipe! Get yourself a piece of pipe that fits the outside diameter of the ball joint. This goes on the bottom side of the Aarm, between the Aarm and the ground. It should be as close of a fit as you can get, but the ball joint itself should be able to fall right through it. The top side needs a piece of pipe the fits the top of the ball joint! Again this piece of pipe should fit a body edge of the ball joint, but fall through the hole in the Aarm when the ball joint is out. Placing a flat piece of steel, 1/2 thick or better, on top of the top pipe and using your big hammer, strike the flat plate with good force! This will drive the ball joint out, but it will take multiple hits to do so! Making the bottom side pipe as solid to the ground and Aarm as possible will make all the difference in transferring the energy to drive the ball joint out easily! To install the new ball joints put them in the freezer overnight! While keeping the ball joint cold use a burnz-o-matic and heat the hole area where the ball joint goes, about 500 degrees f. Doing this will require almost no press fit, just some light tapping at best, but you must be quick.
  18. Copy that buddy! All the tree huggers and touchy-feely don’t hurt my feelings, so call liberals drove this country straight into the ground! Trump may not be great, but he’s 1000 times better than any democratic in the past 100 years! IMO!
  19. Ahh, there is! Don’t buy anything made in China or built in China or parts made there and assembled here! Dah! Now look what you did! You got me started! Dang!
  20. Typo or dam spellcheck, not sure which now! The second one! Crisco!
  21. JustA thought, but I usually hate to destroy OEM stuff in a car if I can see another way to get there! So you could keep your existing wiring, but just deactivate it or tape it to protect it. Than run new wires from the fuse block, coil and ground. Napa even sells some really nice fuse block add-on wire adaptors! I remember we talked about the hydraulic rams you installed before and I had some questions as to the connection threads. So if you want when you get there take some pictures and see if you can resolve this for good!
  22. More like Olive Cisco now!
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