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  1. Hi everybody, i am trying to remplace my water pump but i am stopped by the steering pump brackett: i took off 4 nuts ( 1 who is on the water pump and 3 on the block ) but i can't move the brackett. does it stay one or two nuts to remove and wher are they ? Thank you for your answers and sorry for my bad English...!
  2. No, no, no !! There is "no problemo" ! I just wanted to understand well. Professur, yes, my hammerS, because i have some others like that, are "antique"........!! i am proud to have some olds things ! And, thank you: i have learned two knew particulary words in English !! Have a good week-end !
  3. Sorry, is it an American expression for a joke ? It's not translatable in French...? Professur, You certainely speak French, no ?........
  4. Thank you all ! it's done: i did it as the guy on the video: WD40 and hammer. i wanted to be sure that it was not another way... I was afraid to damage it more and cannot take it off at the end. Now it's pretty !! Have a good day.
  5. So; i am back -as would say Schwarzy..!- I have to change the hub and bearing assembly. I have removed the 4 nuts who hang it but there is no way to take it off... I think it is welded by time and hot. What do you think about it and is anybody has a trick to make it come ? THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWERS !
  6. Yes, it's often the same for my other american cars..! So we manage as we can ! But this time the nuts are very damaged...... i am going to try this week with the 3/8 wrench i received to day......... have a good week-end.
  7. sorry, i did not specify the car. yes, it is for my firebird and i thank you for your answer. It was that i thought but i wanted to be sure because the precedent mechanic would not have the good wrench in inches and have damaging seriously the nuts...... here in France we have metrics........ Thank you again. Have a good day.
  8. Hi every body, is anybody knows what kind of wrench and what size is needed to remove the two nuts of the front brakes calliper ? Thank you.
  9. Hi you all, So, i bought an OBD1 to scan the car. The MAP SENSOR was out of order. With the new it's ok ! Thank you all and have good new year fiesta !
  10. plugs, wire and wiring diagram are ok: changed twice.. i had the problem before the tune up; it's why i changed this parts. i wil change the 3 ignition coils in november, and have a look to the circuit board . before, i will try to pull the codes. thanks a lot for your answers and for the link. have a good day.
  11. Professur and Frosty, spark plugs and wiring set are new. i don't have an OBD1 to pull the codes. i feel that one or two cylinders are not operating and there is some smoke at the exhaust tip with a fuel smell until the engine runs correctely ( when it is hoy ). (yes, it is the 1994 3.4 v6 firebird. )
  12. so, when the weather is cold ( Under 47°f ), and only in this condition, when i start the engine i don't have an ignition on every cyliinder. and the "SES" light is on. i run in this condition and when the engine is hot, the light turn off and the ignition is ok on every cylinder. some ideas....? thanks and sorry for my bad English !
  13. at first, i am french and i live in France. so, sorry for my bad English. i am 56 years old and i drive a 1994 firebird 3.4 l as my daily. i have also a 1981 chevy c10 and a 1977 olds 98 regency. i am here to get many informations and to see many birds.
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