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  1. Depending on what you are looking for, you will or are probably already finding out that the '69 Catalina/Bonneville has a lot of hard to find parts. Depending on what you are looking for, like sheet metal for instance, you may have to contact speciality wrecking yards - particularly in the southwest.
  2. So let's just make everyone - inside and outside the vehicle - potential human crash test dummies for GM. No thanks.
  3. Sure. It's just an engineering problem. Why wouldn't you? Pro - I double checked my email inbox. I did a mass purge of old emails awhile back. It looks like I dumped your contact information along with it. I still have your cell number from awhile ago but that's it.
  4. Reminds me of the Beaumont El Camino that shows up every now and then to the Widetracker's Spring Dustoff - in the swap meet area no less! SPRINT6 - thanks for sharing - great photos - as always.
  5. Vega steering boxes tend to be one of the go to steering boxes for a lot of hot rods. These non-power assisted steering boxes do not require a ton of effort to steer, they are some what small (as steering boxes go), and work well for a 2500-3000 vehicle. My first car was a Vega. You didn't need a lot of effort to turn them. That's why they are still popular with builders. '31pontiac - your fab skills are outstanding. I love watching what you come up. You are true hot hodder. Keep up the great work.
  6. I’d love to go. Sadly I still work for a living instead. Take some great pictures for us!
  7. Congratulations. I see you are subscribing to the Indyman Joe technique of applying rubber undercoating! One disturbing the peace charge at a time!!!
  8. The convention (POCI and GTOAA) is a multi-day car show with or without judging (depends on what you sign up for), a series of lectures by guest Pontiac experts, swap meet, and speciality chapter meetings. There are often side trips to local sightseeing or shopping opportunities as well. The means to returning Pontiac lies solely with GM, as much as would love to see it's return. I agree with your reasoning but unless GM sees the need for a new car brand, it isn't likely going to happen. Since GM's bankruptcy and the shedding of Hummer, SAAB, Saturn, and Pontiac, GM has since sold Opel/Vauxhall to Peugeot, shut down Holden in Australia, and has threatened to close GM Daewoo in Korea. So GM is shrinking brands, not creating new ones globally. To Indyman Joe's point, he is correct. Chevrolet's Corvette is the corporation's halo performance car. It always will be. Camaro will probably remain the #2 performance car. So even if a performance brand were ever established, GM's unwritten rule "THOU SHALL NOT BEAT CORVETTE!" still exists. Ask the Buick GNX's guys about that rule sometime. The GNX in 1987 was faster than the Corvette and the Chevrolet guys didn't like it one bit and complained to GM and Buick management. Buick's response was "what are you crying about? We are building only 500 of these and then we're done. The G-body is going out of production. You will still have the Corvette. Get over it." In the end Buick built 547 GNXs because of the number of existing orders for the car. This hand slapping lead Buick hourly employees to create a bumper sticker that had the Buick turbo V6 logo on it that read "We brake for Corvettes". This ticked off the Chevrolet guys again but the Buick management guys said "Tough. We had nothing to do with!" I want to see the return of Pontiac. I just don't see GM's currently leadership willing to do it - especially when they are so focused on autonomous, electric vehicles. Remember they just laid off thousands of traditional automotive related employees this year.
  9. Congrats on the new job by the way. So what is the new job, if I may ask? We've missed you. BTW - GE wants your address. I told him I didn't have it. So you might want to reach out to him if he hasn't reached out to you already. I already gave him mine and notallthere's.
  10. Is this always happening when the car is hot or do you have issues with cold start too? Pontiacs have known hot start issues. Start with checking your timing. Make sure it is not too advanced. Are you running headers or factory style exhaust manifolds? What kind of starter are you using? High torque or factory style? I had a problem with the positive cable rubbing against the exhaust manifold, it melted the insulation, and grounded out against the engine when the motor was hot. The fix was to properly run the cable the way Pontiac did. Perhaps you can come to a future Widetrackers meeting when you get back and we can meet up. I understand all to well the unemployment situation. At my lowest point, my unemployment ran out and I ended up working at Wal-Mart just to make some money until I could fine something better, which I did 8 weeks later. Still the Wal-Mart experience was not a bad one. You do what you have to do to provide for your family.
  11. I do remember that discussion. This engine has seen a lot of hard usage (I won't call it abuse yet). I think it is about to beg for a tear down and inspection.
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