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  1. thanks guys, I may go ahead and try to get her in one day in the next couple of weeks. Just wish people took more pride in their work after all they should do it right the first time… I guess I’m just too freaking particular about my car(s) too....
  2. Now that I have asked about my buddies soon to be 08 G6 GT I need some advice on my 09 G8 GT. I have an oil pan gasket leak. I took her into the dealer that's where they told me where the leak is coming from. I have a small dime size spot after I drive it which isn't much since the car is a garage queen. It's still under warranty but I understand there is a lot of labor involved. I don't want to take my car in only to get her home with other issues. Warranty is good until July 2014 and she has 9445 on the clock so I don't have to get the car in right away. If I knew they wouldn't mess anything
  3. hey guys thanks for the info and JJT*90 great link!
  4. Okay we took this car for a drive and looks good except for the fact that it makes a popping sound while turning the steering wheel. We took the car to a mechanic he said it's a intermediate shaft, is this a common or costly problem? other than that it's a sweet car and I think he wants it if the steering can be fixed. http://www.golsn.com/listings/automotive/c...rs/2339694.html thanks....
  5. Thanks for the replies he really wants the car just to go to and from school (college) I don’t think he will be doing any mods. I vote for Pontiac too but then again I love my G8 GT it’s the best car I have ever had. And when I get the $$$ I want to mod her.. thanks..... Oh and the reason he wants a sedan is cause they have a 5 month old baby…
  6. I have a buddy that is considering either a G6 or an Altima he’s never owned a Pontiac before but likes the G6. What should he look for or avoid in a G6? He is looking at like a 08 or 09 sedan and wants a 4 cylinder for better fuel mileage. I’ve always owned domestic brands and he has only owned Japanese brands.. thanks.....
  7. You’re right at least from what I’ve read the tunes from Vector and Livernois do add more power. I’ve got a buddy that bought a SC flashpaq programmer for his 2010 Camaro SS; he ended up taking it back because he couldn’t tell enough difference to spend the money for it. But he didn’t change trans calibrations either. Only reason I like the SC tune is it’s easier to carry a handheld programmer in the car if I’m out and want to modify ECM/TCM calibrations. I’m starting to think I’ll get more bang for my buck tuning the tans in conjunction engine at least with a handheld programmer.
  8. Yea I’ve heard the term “stealth tune” but don’t know much about it. Actually I know little about tuning at all as I’ve never had a car tuned before. The only other I know of from SC is the flashpaq. I’ve also seen DiabloSport advertised. Vector Motorsports has a pre tuned ECM for $349.99. Only thing is it doesn’t do anything for the transmission and the TCM is inside the trans, at least that’s what I have been told. The do have their good and bad, I like the idea that if something messes up there isn’t anything out of my pocket and I used to be able to work on my cars.
  9. I’m thinking of tuning my G8 with a Superchips Cortex programmer. My concern is when I reload the OEM calibrations can a GM dealer tell that the ECM/TCM has been flashed? I don’t want to void the powertrain warranty. thanks...
  10. I agree with that 100% there’s no reason GM couldn’t sell the Holden at a Chevy or Buick store as a Holden. I still get a few people that look at the car and figure well it’s a sedan nothing at all special about it until I open the hood. I always get that same “WOW” reaction. I was hooked from the first time I saw a G8. It was a got to have car. We were just in South Carolina to visit my girlfriend’s family. I took her brother in law for a ride in my car and he was impressed. He just bought a Chrysler 300 and had the suspension modified. He told me the G8 handles as well as his 300 after the s
  11. ChaosweaveR makes me wonder why we can’t design cars like that here? Not that American cars are bad but I like the aggressive appearance of some of the Holden’s. Jordan5150 last yr we rented a Chevy Malibu for the weekend just to try out that car. I was surprised at how well it took the curves. I cant wait to take the G8 thru some of those same roads.
  12. Its L36 I’m not sure but I don’t think the offered supercharged till 04 or 05. I like the Monte Carlo a lot but Chevy should have made it a RWD car. don’t get me wrong for FWD it handles great.
  13. Yea I’ve always been a fan of the F-body cars especially the older ones. The G8 is quick, I test drove one and I was hooked. So far the G8 is stock but I may want to add a CAI and a tune with a Superchips programmer. I just don’t want to void the warranty. I like Tennessee too we moved here from Michigan in 06. Last year we went to Pigeon Forge and there are some great driving roads over there. maybe in a month or two we can go back and take the G8.
  14. thanks Got to get some better pics of my G8 yet but here goes. Now that spring is here I’ll find a better background to take some shots of the G8. I live in middle Tennessee but bought the G8 from a dealer in Missouri. Only complaint I have is they mounted a front license plate holder which we don’t require. I know I can have the holes filled and repaint the front bumper but I hate to do that to a new car.
  15. Hi all this is my first post here. This past January I bought a Pontiac G8 GT and just love the car. I like others think it was a huge mistake for GM to drop the Pontiac brand. In addition to my G8 I also have two cars that I bought new. A 79 Camaro that as of today has 12k on the clock and has always been garage kept and a 03 Monte Carlo SS with 34k. But I the G8 is the best of the lot. I wanted one from the first time I saw a G8.
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