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  1. I'm up in Ely (about 240 miles north)!!
  2. Thought I would add a few more pics to try and keep the interest up!! I like the talk of a FP meet at HAN 2011!! Perhaps we could get a corner of a casino lot for an FP car show. It would be worth a try. I am always game when it comes to hot cars (especially Pontiacs)!!
  3. Sorry it took so long for me to post a few more pics (work has been a real PITA lately!!)!! Here goes: Of course there were plenty of Nomads!! And lots of Camaros!! And of course lots of Vettes too!! I'm not a Mopar guy by any stretch, but I can appreciate them!! This one wasn't even in a show, it was in a parking lot, but I thought it was pretty cool. Someone converted a new Challenger into a Hemi 'Cuda!! (complete with "Plymouth" lettering and everything!! Hope you enjoyed the pics!!
  4. Thanks Ghost, sorry if I started this thread in the wrong area. Yes, I have tons of pics, I don't have time right now, but will post some more later. Any objection to non Pontiac vehicles? I have some great pics of some fantastic Chevys (and even a few cool Mopars). There are only 5500 "official" Hot August Nights vehicles. There is an application process and a waiting list. Most of the Casino/Resorts have their own shows and prizes and anyone can enter those. I met a guy who had his 2009 Liquid Red G8 GT in a show at the Atlantis in 2009 and took 3rd place!! I kinda wanted to do that with my G8, but I procrastinated and didn't get a chance. Oh well, maybe next year!! I will definitely post more pics tonight. Stay tuned!!
  5. Went to Hot August Nights in Reno back in August (duh), it was a great time!! Thought I would share a few pics. One of my favorite cars of all time!! 1969 GTO Judge. Of course, there were plenty of T/As around as well!! And some old Ponchos too!! Came out of the hotel and what do ya know, an Aussie cousin came to visit (mine's the G8)!! (Oh, that's my daughter by the G8, she's such a ham when it comes to photos). I would highly recommend Hot August Nights to everyone. It was a fantastic time and the cars were totally awesome!! FYI it will be the second week in August 2011. I'll be there for sure. If anyone plans go, PM me and we can hang out and check out some great Pontiacs (and others)!!
  6. There is a facebook GXP page at this link. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=344793995998 All Pontiac GXP models are welcome. If you are so inclined, join us!!
  7. Actually MTZVibe, they are stock. The triple hump pod and trim is from Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) an Australian division of GM. This is where the G8 (known as the Commodore VE in Australia) originates from. So it's kinda the long way around the barn, but they are stock (in a sense). The gauges themselves are not HSV gauges. A company called JHP takes VDO gauges and does a special color and font matched face so they match the speedo and tach perfectly. I think they did a great job!!
  8. The whole set up cost me $1100, from an Australian outfit call JHP. That is everything though, they have cheaper packages if you want to do your own gauges (the pods are a standard size). I too love my GM vehicles!! I currently own: 2004 Chevy Suburban Z71 2005 Pontiac Vibe (base w/stick) 2006 GMC Envoy SLT 2009.5 Pontiac G8 GXP I had an Avalanche the first year they came out. I absolutely loved it!! Wife wanted more seating for when we have family visit, hence the Suburban. Also, hope I didn't sound snippy with you. I'm just saying that you can have some fun and still protect the value of the vehicle. I see a lot of guys on G8board.com that sell the stock parts when they do a mod. I would never do that at all!!
  9. MoonPie: Congrats on the gauges. Truth be told, I was waiting for Sellers Auto Sport (SAS) to get them in stock (I was on their notification list). I ordered the triple humps and then, literally the next day, I get an e-mail from SAS saying they were in stock. I'm still happy I ended up going this way though. Oh, and you wouldn't have broken anything. I think I broke like 3 of the little white clips, but the new pieces had them as well, so I had plenty. Crimson: I can go back to stock anytime I want. I'm not going to let the promise of future value keep me from making this the car I want it to be. I do however, have all if the stock parts safely packed away just in case. Just sayin.....
  10. MoonPie, it's not too bad. In fact, the bulk of the instructions that I received and used were for installing the ataris. I also printed out a lot of info from G8board.com. With the triple humps, you do switch out the center stack trim (sides), but it is really not too difficult. I think the ataris just plug into the center stack and all the gauges work. With my set up, I had to install the oil sending unit and run the wiring. Not hard at all. The ataris will probably be less expensive, so that might be a consideration as well. I got my set up from JHP. Oh, and one more thing. This set up is designed for the Commodore VE (G8), so there are no fitment issues at all. The set up JHP sells (if you choose to buy all the accessories), is pretty much plug and play also.
  11. You're right, volts, oil temp and oil press. Thanks for the kudos!!
  12. Great Mark, if you need any pointers or advice, don't be afraid to ask!!
  13. Here is a mod I did to my G8 GXP. When I bought her, I was disappointed with the lack of instrumentation. I mean, c'mon, an LS3 and just a fuel and temp gauge!?! 1. The stock dash: 2. The scary part, total disassembly: 3. Successful completion: This set up really makes it a different, and IMO a better, car!! This is before I purchased the GM Accessories Carbon Fiber Trim Kit.
  14. Yeah, Vegas and Reno both rock!! Mark, while I got you on here, anyway to change "n00bcake" below my avatar? Maybe I need more posts. Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. Are you thinking about the G8 Owners National Event (GONE)? Thought I saw you say something about it on GR888 Forum. I may go too. On the G8 specific forums I am pakrfan19 (FYI). Take Care and Thanks for the Hospitality!!
  15. WOW MTZVibe, CSI Ely!! lol It can be boring, but Vegas is but a 3 1/2 hour drive away!!
  16. Isn't one wife enough!?!
  17. LMAO.. It sure is!! Using the ubiquitous Walmart as a gauge, the closest one in 180 miles away in Elko. Want Costco or a shopping mall, try 240 miles away in either Salt Lake City or Las Vegas. It isn't as bad as it sounds though. In fact, car shopping can be quite good because we have the Salt Lake area to the east, Las Vegas to the south, Reno/Carson City to the east and Twin Falls, ID to the north. All of them are a good drive, but the selection is usually good!! Oh, and sorry to hear about your uncle.
  18. Mark, boonies is an understatement. One advantage is that the long empty Nevada highways were just made for spirited driving!! And I know what you mean about price. On some of the G8 specific boards, people are reporting that used G8s are selling for new prices!! I got lucky, I bought about 10 days before they killed Pontiac, and it was the last day of the month. They were hungry so I got an incredible deal (and 0% financing). I'd like to say it was my negotiating skills, but I'd be lying. LOL Yeah Ringo, she's a garage queen and only fair weather driven. I have all of the original parts and will keep them as I know that adds value as well. I really just plan on keeping her and enjoying driving and working on her. Oh, and FWIW, they only built 1829 GXPs before they were discontinued, so I guess rare is an understatement.
  19. Welcome, I'm new here myself. Found out about this board on a Pontiac Facebook page. I really like it and will definitely spend some time here!!
  20. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!! FWIW, I also have a "Frosty" (white) 2005 Vibe (my gas milage car). Yes, the GXP does have a 6 speed manual tranny!! It also has the onyx interior. I bought her on March 31, 2009 at Centennial BPG in Las Vegas. Currently she has about 4200 miles on the clock (summer car only). I have added the HSV triple hump gauges w/smoker's package, GM Accessories Carbon Fiber dash and steering wheel trim kit, "Klearz" clear/white side markers, VG sharkfin antenna, Volant CAI and have done a partial debadge on her. In the future I am planning headers, cat back and a tune at a minimum. I am located in what is known as the "rurals". It is a small town called Ely. Oh, and thanks for fixing the second pic!! Looking forward to exchanging ideas and getting to know everyone. Cheers!!
  21. New to this forum. Here's a couple of pics of my baby!!
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