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  1. Here a good one for any model car parts search http://www.car-part.com/ Have used it with great results. The trick is good pictures and knowing what your looking for. Another tip. If the prices is labeled "call" they usually don't have it. But if your really desperate the "call" could pay off to a connection to another contact not listed on the website.
  2. Now that better weather is coming back. You might find that the view out of your vehicle windows needs to be improved. A tip I learned about a few months ago proved unusual but after trying it very useful. Leave the paper towels in the kitchen. Instead grab a handful of coffee filters, like the ones in the picture. Use several, 5 to 6 stacked together, to be generously wetted with your favorite liquid window cleaner. Then several more to wipe the window dry. If the window is really dirty, a second cleaning may be needed. Otherwise, the job comes out streak and lint free.
  3. When it was picked up from the seller. It was one cold and snowy day. The pictures are of the send-off. It was pretty filthy by the time it got home. So there are no staged pictures...... yet.
  4. Greetings, its good to be here! New to the site, but not to Pontiacs. One of the first cars I drove was a 64, standard shift, 389 Tempest my cousin owned. What brings me here is the recent re-purchase of a car I ordered from my hometown Pontiac dealership before I graduated high school. The car is a 74 GTO. With the exception of maintenance items. The car has been kept pretty much original. Even the spare tire and rim, pictured, is original! Never used. The build date on the tire? The 49th week of 1973. There are some things I hope to bring to the site and some things I can learn. So ask me some question all you 74 GTO lovers. I'll do my best to help you out if your interest is keeping it natural.
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