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  1. Stefalicious


    Thats one of those things that will happen later when I have nothing else to buy and wanna waste my money.
  2. Stefalicious


    Thank you. lol Thanx, and leave my front alone.
  3. Stefalicious


    Ok, you deff do that. lol
  4. Stefalicious


    Thank you.
  5. Stefalicious


    Well all of you will be happy to know I got rid of the park bench and got a smaller wing. It is a R/T Dodge Charger wing and it fit perfect, I love it and it looks 110% better. And while I had the guy fixing all the other wing holes I went ahead and had him shave the trunk lock also. I took these pics at a car show yesterday in the short time it wasnt raining. lol
  6. Stefalicious

    couple of new pictures

    NO.....some arnt. And I love those Kicker door speakers. I have the same ones, but painted my grill, my boyfriends retarded ass opened the door and lost one on our 1st date a year and a half ago and I been lookin for a replacement ever since. lol Dont loose one.
  7. Stefalicious

    DEBATE: Mosque in Lower Manhattan; Disrespectful or Not?

    Hell no. Thats got to be the most horrible idea I have ever heard. But you know what, let them do it.....im sure it will get burnt down within a month too bad im not in NY to watch it.
  8. Stefalicious

    Lakeland area meet maybe

    No meets EVER happen in Florida. Everyone wants to post shit and say "omg like, lets have a Pontiac meet" but thats all that happens is talk. Someone seriously come up with something in either Tampa or Orlando, those are the bigger cities and that how we will get the most people to show up. There is a big JDM UPs show called Tampa Vs. Orlando Redemption on the 28th. Its at the Lakeland drag strip and there will be at least 3,000 cars, trucks, and motorcycles there. The 1st show on March 20th turned out really good. I am goin to this show for sure. So if anyone can make it to that show then we can all meet there. If anyone wants any more details then let me know.
  9. Stefalicious

    Lakeland area meet maybe

    Sorry. This thread was started by a guy wanting a meet in Lakeland, and IM down for that. Maybe him and his 5 or 6 friends dont wanna go to St.Pete. U want a meet in St. Pete then start a new thread about it. I havnt heard anyone else say there from St. Pete except for you so sounds like your the one that needs to come to us. Tampa is fine if the OP and his friends agree. We can have 2 meets, one in Lakeland and one in Tampa or Orlando im right in the middle of both.
  10. Stefalicious

    The Random Video Thread (NSFW???)

    I cant lie, I have been pissed too in the AM after the club or something and I want McNuggets and there serving stupid breakfest, but I dont go to that extreem. hahahaha
  11. Stefalicious

    Lakeland area meet maybe

    Ya I get that. But not tru. People get shot everywhere. lol Again, not tru. Then have it somewhere else. St. pete is too far from me. Tampa is alright but someone needs to figure out where to meet. And I need to know at least 2 weeks ahead of time if its on a weekend because I have to request it off work.
  12. Stefalicious

    Lakeland area meet maybe

    We do finally need a big Florida meet. But whats wrong with Lakeland?? lol
  13. Stefalicious

    Flordia Rollcall

    Alrighty let me/us know. Id like to see that.
  14. Stefalicious

    Flordia Rollcall

    Sorry bout the car but glad u still have it. Whens this Lakeland meet ur talkin bout in the other thread gonna go down??
  15. Stefalicious

    Lakeland area meet maybe

    F*ck ya Im down. When??
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