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  1. Beautiful "BIRD" - Did you do the restoration?
  2. Beautiful cars! I have always wanted to own am OHC 6 Pontiac, but you never see them. Is it hard to find parts for them & do any of your cars have the performance pkg, 4 barrel carb., etc. ? I've got to go back to see the pictures again!
  3. Are you wondering if it a 421 block? - I believe that they were available in 63 and if you have a numbers matching block you have a treasure. Someone our there should be able to help you with this - you can probably get the serial # on line. Sorry, but I don't know enough about the HI PO Pontiacs of the 60's except they were great cars. My Dad had a 63 & a 64 Catalina, both were 2 dr hard tops - I loved them both.
  4. I never saw a 1964 two door sedan before - I am going to have to check my records to see if that body style was offered in the States? It was - they made 12,480 two door sedan Catalina's in 1964, but I never saw one. 1964 is my favorite year for full size Pontiacs. Win some races with yours - Good luck.
  5. Oh man, losing your Pontiac like that is terrible. I can't imagine being there and not being able to do anything about it. I carry a fire extinguisher in my G-6. I am disabled, having trouble with my legs that effects my mobility. I think if ever I had a bad accident and the car caught on fire, I wouldn't have enough time to get out - so I am planning putting out the fire before it burns up both me and the car. My G-6 is a 2007 GT "retractable convertible" that has about 87K miles of it. The car is almost perfect - as it is a daily driver, I would call it a 3+ car. I drive it about 2K
  6. My current (collectable?) ride is a 2007 G6 retractable hardtop - The care has 87,000 on it - I would consider it a 3+ car. I am still trying to figure out just how many "retractable hardtops" were made. My research tells me somewhere between 4,000 to 29,000 were made out of a total production of about 190,000 G6's in 2007. Can anyone give me a more specific number of how many were made? By the way, I LOVE MY G6!! I drive it about 2,000 mile per year and probably will never get rid of it. It is a shame that Pontiacs are not valued higher. They are really are great cars and I really thin
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