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    Muscle cars, Metal music and my Family

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  1. NJ96Formula

    Win a Free FP Shirt!

    I like freebies also....
  2. NJ96Formula

    Win a FREE 2017 Forever Pontiac Calendar

    Sweet a free Poncho calander!!
  3. NJ96Formula

    POTM Vote, August 2016

    I forgot to add its a 6 speed.
  4. NJ96Formula


    I still can't get over GM killing Oldsmobile and Pontiac.
  5. My father in law just bought this car two weeks ago. It's sweet
  6. NJ96Formula


    Yeah my luck the Dodge wold have been a unmarked cop car. You have to pick and choose your battles also.
  7. NJ96Formula

    Painting My '64 GTO

    Looks great in the sunlight. Sweet ride!
  8. NJ96Formula

    Want to be on TV?

    No I don't want to trade my car. Did I read that wrong? Lol
  9. NJ96Formula

    POTM Nominations, August 2016

    1996 Firebird Formula Convertible. Stock LT1 99k with a CAI and a Texas Speed Rumble Cat back. My daily driver. NJ96Formula
  10. NJ96Formula

    New from South Jersey

    Thanks for the welcome
  11. NJ96Formula

    New from South Jersey

    So far just bolt ons. K&N CAI and a Texas Speed Rumbler cat back along with the passanger side cat and pipe. The car sat for 8yrs before I bought it so I've done all the hoses, Water pump, Full tune up. Including the dreaded Opti spark cap and rotor AHHH what a PITA. The rear of the intake manifold was starting to leak really badly so I just did that 2 weeks ago. The convertible top was in bad shape when I bought it. I had it replaced a month ago. The leather interior is in great shape no rips or cracks. I'd really like to get the seats redone with the color to match the convertible top. But in the meantime I bought some cheap universal seat covers that are close in color Black and Burgundy. Also a Burgundy shifter ball. I'm trying to save up for BBK shorty Headers.In the near future I'd like to replace all of the Fuel lines rubber and metal along with the rubber and metal Brake lines. Oh yeah Ive also replaced the U joints and the rear diff fluid and tranny fluids and brakes at purchase.
  12. NJ96Formula

    New from South Jersey

  13. NJ96Formula

    New from South Jersey

    I just bought a 1996 Firebird Formula Convertible 6 speed about 1 year ago. Its my Daily driver. Upgrading as I go
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