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  1. Hey, thanks for looking. I would certainly spend the extra money on the 1 piece but sucks that I paid for a master gasket set and have to drop another $60 on this.
  2. Exactly! Don't want to spend all this time putting and engine back together and have a pan leak. Not fun once it's back in the car. I thought I could find the 1 piece for $25 but the only one I see are $50+ from Butler. The one they list on Jegs is for Chevy unless I'm missing something.
  3. Has anyone used the multi-piece oil pan gasket set? I would prefer to use the one piece but this is what came in the master gasket set for my 75 400. The rubber seal has an eyelet on each side where the bolt goes through and I'm assuming the 3 rubber seal tabs go through the pan and then you drop the pan down onto the block? What doesn't make sense to me is that this would cause the surface to be uneven as you have cork gasket going all the way around the block and this rubber seal sitting on top of it. My thought was to cut the eyelets off the rubber seal as the cork has a cutout for the diameter of the rubber seal and silicone it just like a SB Chevy.
  4. Hey Everyone, I have a 75 TA 400 4spd. 35K Original miles. Bone stock 400 and I had plans for a set of Edelbrock heads and mild cam to breathe some life back into this engine. I see most Pontiac guys say the stock intake and Rochester are overall better than aftermarket IF you know how to tune a Rochester. Just wondering if anyone has gone this route and if so, what primary/secondary jets were used? I would like to keep the stock intake/carb set up since I don't want any issues with the shaker. I know there are aftermarket options to adapt this but I'm trying to stay away from that.
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