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  1. Those look pretty good! I am with dan go with real CF eye lids if you have a cf hood, they will look off.
  2. Sorry for not updating anyone lately! I have been EXTREMELY busy and unfortunately could not finish the projects I started. Dan UPS picked your stuff up today and Mark I am sick as hell today but I will get your box in the mail tomorrow!! Hopefully things will calm down soon and I can get back to working on things here, I will let you know! Keith
  3. I need to correct a typo I made..... If you have a shallow mount woofer a VENTED box would defeat the purpose. If you go with a shallow mount woofer you want a sealed enclosure. Keith
  4. If you are going to go shallow go with the pioneers! as for ported over sealed. If you listen to rock you want a sealed box, it is tighter and cleaner. Also if you have a shallow mount woofer having a sealed box would completely defeat the purpose. Only reason to buy a shallow mount sub is because you have little to no space. a vented box will be louder but take up a lot more space. As for a single 10" depending on what you buy you will be more then happy with a single 10". Jim (ringo) has a deal on a great sub right now that would probably work for you. I am running 2 10's on running a 250/500 amp and i usually have it turned down about 40% and it sounds real nice. Keith
  5. Sorry guys! I got caught working when i wasn't scheduled! I am on call tonight so I dont have much time to work too much but tomorrow I am for sure off so I should be packing it up and going down to UPS wednesday morning. will take some pictures installed tomorrow Keith
  6. Nope, as usual when i want to do something i figure out what needs to be done and start plowing away.... make a mistake start over til i get it right... get it right and keep going! Keith
  7. Weekend predictions Colts by 14 over the Jets Vikes over saints by 3
  8. I had to add the beams as the flat ceiling was constructed of 2x6's so I I (2) 4x12's gluelames in to help support everything. What really sucked is when i tore everthing apart the window over the stove was added at a later date then when the house was built and all they did was cut the studs and slid it in the wall!!! So that was fun! I RAN outside and grabbed a 4x4 cut it off at about 9 feet and went and used it to jack the wall up about 1/4 to straighted in out while i extended the kitchen out into the garage. I thought about extending the house but i dont feel like re siding the entire house(i have vinyl siding ) My next project (i hope) is adding a fireplace in the house SOMEWHERE!!! I love fireplaces. My next house is going to have at least 3 fireplaces! 1 in the living room, 1 in the bed room and 1 in the bath room I am going to build my next house. I hope to be out of all my dept other then my house in the 5 years then I will be able to start looking for property 5 years $30,000 hope i make my goal lol. Keith
  9. Added to Jedis awesome sig for me! Let the bass beat! I like the words shaking as well Keith
  10. SVC= single voice coil DVC= dual voice coil DVC2= dual 2 ohm voice coils DVC4= dual 4 ohm voice coils. you will either have 1 set of terminals or you will have 2. I will see if I can find some more info... Thanks Keith Hmm that is interesting... out of curiosity that that i need any more subs!!!! how much would shipping be to 97220? Thanks Keith
  11. Thanks guys... Found a couple other pix...
  12. Hey Jim. Whats on the Infinity? a sticker or is the paint flaking off the cone? Is it a SVC or DVC? if it is a DVC is it DVC2 or DVC4? Thanks Keith
  13. this is just a wrap. I would need a vacuum to mold this piece to make it 100% Keith
  14. Nothing special but I have been waiting on these all week! these rings allow you to mount terminals to a fiberglass box with out having to worry about any leaks or vibrating out. will be installed and tested on sunday! Sorry for the delay guys, been extremely busy and this cold is killing me!
  15. They do... Which is why it is not done quite yet! The Kevlar is sooo damn hard to work with!
  16. Hey guys, Not completely done but I thought I would post some pictures... I need to re do the chrome piece as well but it is going to look sick! Keith
  17. ^^^ Has had 65 posts in the past 24 hours!!!!!!
  18. doesnt realize i had to work 10 hours today so I forgot it was union blvd day!
  19. needs to send me his head lights and broken bumpers!!!!
  20. GO RAIDERS! shit wrong decade maybe this decade we will have better luck! Keith
  21. You really think the Minnesota sperm are going to beat the Saints? I am pretty sure indi is going but I am not sure sure on thinking the Minnesota/Saints game is so cut and dry. I dont really care who wins since none of my teams are in but I just wanna see a good game. Keith
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