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  1. 1969 Firebird 350, Convertible, THM, Midnight Green 69FB-3.bmp
  2. I can't find a “News & Information” tab in the headings or sub tabs ... navigation problem for me - do you offer a site map?
  3. I get lost in the threads... been using BBS since 1984... long time.... unfortunately I have difficulty navigating yours 😞
  4. I remember seeing the contenders & number of votes in a bar graph last year, mine come up this year, curious on how close I came. Thanks, Wally
  5. Doesn't look like any Vibe I've seen... in Fiero skin....
  6. 1969 Firebird 350 Convertible, Midnight Green, Original Body, Paint is almost 20 years old, Original Engine, 98,000 miles, no rebuilds.. just 2 timing chains, swapped the 2 bbl for a 4 bbl with an original 4 bbl Intake, Original TH350 Transmission... 20,000 miles on rebuild with a mild shift kit, Reupholstered OEM Custom Green Interior with original Custom Sport Wheel, upgraded wheel covers to Rally Wheels, Looks all original... except for the under dash Gauges, It's a Cruiser... but likes to GO!
  7. 1969 Firebird 350 convertible, 350 TH, original body, floor pans 30 years old , original color Midnight Green repainted in 1998, mostly original, NOS parts were used where ever possible, 98,000 miles & running well without a rebuild yet.
  8. 1969 Firebird 350 convertible, midnight green, original body, Canadian car, rare to be rust free!
  9. 1969 Pontiac Firebird 350 - in Midnight Green with dark green interior. Original 350 THM transmission, original body, no body work, repainted in 2009 ... still looks very nice & fun to drive.
  10. W Bski

    Car Shows

  11. W Bski

    Diana's F1NEBIRD

    Nice clean Firebird, a real eye catcher!
  12. That's a lot of money Frosty, but it seems low to me and shows that Pontiacs are still not getting the respect they deserve. Not that I'm complaining because it means that classic Pontiacs are still somewhat affordable. But can you imagine if this were say the prototype '67 Z-28 Camaro (if there was one)... I am sure it would probably be close to $1million. I don't get it. This T/A is amazing and turned out to be well bought by the owner who recognized the car and will appreciated it! Most Pontiacs cost more than Chev's when new, so owners that understood the benefits paid the price and reaped the rewards. There were fewer on the roads, a smaller following and Pontiac became overshadowed by the sheer numbers of Chev's until GM pulled the plug on the Indian Chief. I know my 69 Firebird won't have the same value as a similar Camaro and that's ok, as I like what I own and that's what matters.
  13. Photo circa 2003 in Markham, Ontario, Canada at a gas station that ESSO built that year as a Vintage style in proximity to Historic Unionville. Since then it's been knocked down for redevelopment, but my 1969 Firebird 350 convertible still runs well with the original 350. Painted back to original Midnight Green when I bought it in 2000 and looks much the same today. Starts every time, fun to drive with my wife & friends, catches the eye of many people when I drive by and fond memories are shared by many people when I'm parked, as they remember a Firebird they owned and were sorry that they parted with it.
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