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  1. Technically he is losing,we get to enjoy our cars alot more.
  2. He has a cabin up north he just bought,and a bike,speedboat,pontoon boat he's trying to die with all the toys LOL
  3. I wont be upgrading to race stuff. But its nice to know she can handle the abuse. I do not want a track car, i enjoy driving her on long trips. I'll get some slicks and thats about it.
  4. I'm gonna just have to like every pic in this thread...LOL
  5. So i have a new addiction! Drag racing! No not fast men wearing women's clothing...But tire shredding ,ear to ear smiling, loud exhaust, foot to the floor Racing! Onondaga speedway in,well where else but Onondaga Mi ! It's a 1/8 mile track. Which is perfect for me. I dont need to go 130 and possibly destroy my car. (in time but for a noob this will work LOL) My first pass i ran a blistering speed of 66.20 and a time of 10.61 not bad for a prius but sadly i was running the Lemans. I smoked the tires all the way down the track,it was cool but not what i was looking to do. My second run was a little better. I let the air out of the rear tires to 20lbs instead of the 35 i came in on,and instead of just using my right foot for brake and gas i used the left for the brake and held the gas to about 2k rpms. This time i ran 82.67 and a 8.7250 not too bad for a rookie. And when i say rookie i had no idea what i was doing at all. pre stage? stage? where are these stages LOL the rest of the day it was pretty much the same for times. My Reaction times went lower to a .3 though. I still was blowing the tires off all day but i learned to feather it some. Tomorrow i will run 10lbs in the rear's maybe lower? and keep all my tools in the trunk to see what happens. I really need to find a way to get the car moving without the tire's going up in smoke. I also will be unhooking my front sway bar,i have seen others talk about this on the innaweb. Running cooper radials is not the best tire im sure. I did meet a fellow pontiacker who offered to let me borrow his slicks! Really cool guy with a beautiful 67 tempest. I did manage to smoke a vette,beat my buddys 68 camaro and another buddys 68 Firebird. Vette guy didnt want to talk to me...big surprise. Not really. But i couldnt have had a better day unless it was with fellow FP folks. After the races i drove to elkhart indiana to get a seat for my motorcycle then to battle creek to fix a dryer for another buddy then home.Almost 500 miles for the weekend.Not too bad. since i got my bike i put MAYBE 100 miles on the dirty girl this summer. The bike almost 3k...i wonder if i can catch up with the bike in miles tomorrow? I'll try!
  6. LOL she has grown on me literally LOL
  7. All i read was Lucy got wet and the ram went soft..or something wouldnt go up? Glad ya got her fixed! Oh and someone is treating us to lunch!
  8. Daaaamn! nice car rocket! Dont let my pics fool ya though i cant afford a vette! LOL My buddy lets me cruise his...alone. He knows i only drive it like he is sitting next to me. But when he IS sitting next to me,well it is his Peer pressure pushing my right foot down LOL Way to go go Gary! thats what THIS site is all about! well done sir! "indymanjoe in joe carrier clothing LOL" Randy you are not alone i find myself with a love of old tools and craftsmanship. Look at the chrome on that light! Bakelight knobs heavy duty shop stuff! Tools you can pass on to the younger generations. Of course nowadays they dont need them.
  9. Another show i missed...but i hope to have some videos i can send to ringo to post for me..LOL stay tuned! seriously tune yer stuff! LOL Onadaga or bust!
  10. justa want you to put your top back on...LOL i missed my favorite show and friends.
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