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  1. Bob Sellers 29th Annual Indian Summer Buick-Pontac-GMC Show


    one of my favorite shows. yep see ya there. Probably be on my bike though..
  2. Woodward Dream Cruise


    Me and mrs indymanjoe's wife went for a cruise. i couldnt find the parking spot and we had a couple too many places to visit. so our time was limited. No pics taken,only did 3 loops. couple burnouts in pontiac! for the kids man! I didnt even cruise the week before...soooo sad.
  3. Free FP T-shirt Winner

    congrates winners! Badass shirts!
  4. New to the site

    Great looking survivor! keep the glass packs! Still have the q-jet it came with? Nice car.
  5. F R O S T Y !!!

    C'mon frosty put that spoiler on!
  6. Really???? Poor Fiero

    thats a hot mess right there.Ringo nailed it.
  7. Win a Free FP Shirt!

    Indymanjoe needs a shirt! Joe carrier needs a shirt LOL
  8. Newby here..

    Mostly Lunatics though,especially indymanjoe..LOL welcome aboard!
  9. a Michigan Noob

    This bike is super quiet. Staying that way as well. No mods or upgrades runs just fine for me..LOL Wife wants one now..
  10. 1969 camshaft replacement/ engine oil prime

    I just use a old distributer shaft,no housing in a 1/2 drill. CCW you'll be fine.
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