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  1. Had a gentleman yesterday suggest using a shorts cable and extending front cable adjustment rod... opinions?
  2. Thanks yes I have the specs on the length 158.5" I'll call them thanks
  3. Got ahold of Ray Whites Junk yard. Informed everything they would have would be NO good. but thanks for the lead . I am a member of the safari club but have never figured out how to navigate the site. Can not find ANYWHERE to post a question. Did find some on AMES site listed as all except Wagon so may just have to fab some using those to start. I do appreciate all the leads though .
  4. thanks I'll give them a call Number is no longer in service
  5. I am just about done with most of the projects I had planned for the winter. But still have "ONE" big one to go. I am looking for parting brake cables for my 1956 Safari. Mine are in bad shape. Can anyone suggest a place to locate them? I once heard of a Crossover parts book that would let you see what other cars used the same parts. where might I find one? It would sure be nice if a Nomad used the same ones. Does anyone know??? Thanks Steve
  6. Leaning toward stock. I did consider Chrome with baby moons but not to sure . probably just steel wheels I can look for period correct full hubcaps
  7. I took my tires up to be balanced this week and think I found the source of my vibration both my rear wheels took ALOT of weight I was told and one was bent enough that it caused movement. Now these are not original 1956 wheels but exactly what year I do not know. So I am looking for guidance in shopping for replacements. I am thinking 4 matching wheels and they are 15"X not sure if they are 5"or6" wide 5 lug on 5" pattern with 3.75 " back set. Anyone have an idea of what years,Model or Makes I need to shop for that would work for me??? Thanks for any and al
  8. Glad you found FP . I recently did as well and really o=injoy it. seems to be a great bunch of folks in here
  9. I had a '68 camaro covertible and got tired of being one of 15-20 at every show. my '56 safari is 1 of 1 at shows now.
  10. Man I wanted one of those so bad back in the day. well they were new then LOL but did not look any better than yours.
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