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  1. Cozmik

    My 6 is dead

    I just came across this thread. I'm very happy that everything worked out for you. I see this all the time on my 4wd forums and I'm glad you got top notch advice from the members here. Reading through this thread you'd think a lot of people had hydro-locked 4x4's doing dumb shit as I have. The level of knowledge was very impressive. Kudos FP members.
  2. Cozmik

    Real Definition for the Term "Ricer"

    Hear hear brother!!! WTF is with that????
  3. Cozmik

    Real Definition for the Term "Ricer"

    I agree, I think BOTH those cars got slapped with the ugly brush....hard. I used to have a Civic SI years ago. Altezza's, pounding system....and really nice 17" rims that actually SLOWED the thing down even more!! But I had VTEC so I was bad ass!!!
  4. Cozmik

    Real Definition for the Term "Ricer"

    For you and Ghost, it wasn't the actual 2 cars in the pic I was referring to, more the list below the 2 pics. As an example, it could just as well be a Ford Focus vs a Trans Am WS6, or a Civic vs a well built GTP....the list is endless. The point was stickers and bling vs real performance mods.
  5. Cozmik

    Real Definition for the Term "Ricer"

    I thought this kind of fit the converstaion...
  6. Cozmik

    GB: ForeverPontiac.com Stickers

    Got mine in the mail yesterday, its on the van today. Thanks!!!
  7. Cozmik

    The horror... Oh the horror...

    Dick punch....hard. What an f-ing moron. Love the duct tape Gran Turismo style stripes. Jeez...
  8. Cozmik

    China's Populaion Control

    I guess they haven't considered the future problem of killing off all the girls and leaving only males. A predominantly male society should take care of their current over-population problem. What a shame their view of life is the way it is.
  9. Cozmik

    GB: ForeverPontiac.com Stickers

    No prob. At least I know its not lost in the mail.
  10. Cozmik

    GB: ForeverPontiac.com Stickers

    Still waiting.........stupid postal service.
  11. Cozmik

    This has been my toy...

    I'm leaning towards option 2. I'm sick of monthly payments right now.
  12. Cozmik

    Cozmik's '03 Montana

    Great ideas guys....but this is a courier van that sees about 700 miles per week. Anything that I do will be relatively cheap and all about appearance and comfort. If I had bought it as a project just to be different, then hell yeah, full speed ahead on turbos, and suspension and and and.....When I actually purchase a project then we can have some fun with ideas for it.
  13. Cozmik

    This has been my toy...

    It is getting dropped, but only down to stock height. And then stock wheels and tires are going back on it...and so is the For Sale sign. I'll sell the lift and wheel package separately. I can't justify $450 per month for a truck that sits in the driveway and collects dust. And yes Sam, this thing is not very fun to fill up. I could justify the cost if it was an F-Body or a Mustang, but its a truck. Not exactly fast and fun to drive.
  14. Cozmik

    This has been my toy...

    No issues with mine, other than what I've done to it. Going back to stock suspension height. Stock 17" wheels....go from there. I love this truck and I really don't want to lose it. The V8 is wicked fun.
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