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  1. Ha Ha that is true... Honestly, in my humble opinion, this car was built for driving comfort and style which is what I plan to do with her. This winter, I'll work on a poncho build with a 389 block that I bought from Franks (maybe clone the 421 SD?) to put in something else. Maybe a 60's GP? I'm fine with the ratio, especially if that mild cam gets the torque number above 300 and reliability and longevity is good. One thing that I have been considering is that "hidden" oil gallery plug: Some say to drill her out a tad to help with distributor to cam gear lubrication but I surely don't want to disrupt the oil pressure. I will surely tap the gallery plugs and use threaded plugs to eliminate the chance of them popping out. Another is the porting. I will stick with a 2bbl but I will help the airflow out by smoothing them out. I have also seen threads on blocking the exhaust crossover and machining the intake to remove the heat from underneath the carb, but surely there must be a reason that the Pontiac engineers designed them that way right?
  2. No plans to do anything more than just cruise the car. If it was a 30,000 mile car, I wouldn't touch it except for routine maintenance. I will install dual exhaust, but not huge with a crossover. Stock manifolds and the stock 2bbl Rochester as it functions very smoothly. Mileage is important of course, and I don't really stick my foot in it enough to warrant a 4bbl anyway. I'd just rather spend the money on the paint and interior truthfully. Growing up, dad called this type of engine work an engine "service" lol but I personally haven't worked on anything old since 1991 when I got rid of my '71 Olds. The BOP main seal is something I will surely purchase as well. I will purchase a good quality oil pump, just not a "race" type. Even though these motors had little horsepower, I was thinking that with that mild cam, the torque would be more than adequate . I do realize though, that planning correctly is very important. Thanks fellas for the thoughts!
  3. I believe Saginaw. Like 1hr from Detroit he said. I was impressed by his knowledge of every nook and cranny of the sunroof, and GM as a whole. Nice ol' Wolverine.
  4. Hey fellas, I've been enjoying reading through your forums! I am going to pull the '76 400 2bbl and just do a basic re ring, and machine (where necessary). Have all checked including lifter bores, mains, rods, cylinders etc... and the cross hatch put into them... I'm looking for a mild, fun to drive cam to stick in there, and from what I have learned, these ol ponchos love a wide lsa? what about the summit k2801? Since I'm just going to do a valve job, take the die grinder to match the ports to the exhaust man gaskets, and of course change the bearings, oil pump and timing set wouldn't this work well? No plans to mill the heads or increase compression with the exception of maybe a thinner head gasket. I don't want this thing loping around just something to throw new duals on and drive her. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks, Stevee
  5. Thanks to advice from Stratman, I found a ASC sunroof guru that actually stocks the factory replacement sunroof parts! His name is Kelley, and is located in Michigan. I spoke with him yesterday to line up what I need for my '76 GP and wanted to pass on the info. Phone # 1-888-298-8140 Kelleys sunroof parts Good Luck!
  6. Thank y'all for the hospitality ! Yeppir, hoping to make Columbus, and thanks much for the PHS info as well fellas. Had no idea that that was so readily available. I know it came out of West Virginia, but not much else. It's been a bit of a search to find an ASC replacement sunroof but I think I made strides today! Stratman, you hit it in regards to the attitude of the 70's pacial expressions... ha ha. Just glad the waterfall is in great shape. I've seen so many beautiful ponchos on here already, reminds me of road trips growing up as a kid... these cars were everywhere... Thanks again y'all
  7. Hello fellow Pontiac enthusiasts, Just wanted to drop a line an introduce myself and my baby. Recently (finally) purchased a 1976 Grand Prix with the factory sunroof and 400/th400. One of my all time favorite Pontiac faces on her! Going to restore her while driving to the factory. Hopefully, I can draw from y'alls experience when it comes to the specifics that I don't know yet... and I'll help out whenever I can. Gonna try and have her ready enough to make it to goodguys....??
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