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  1. I've heard good things about centech wiring. Still thinking about the car, i doubt its going anywhere soon
  2. Thanks! Well I'm undecided. Stopped yesterday and took a closer look, still nobody home. A few holes in the floor, not terrible but needs to be fixed. Wiring seems to be a chopped up mess. Wish I could have talked to the owner. So I'm gona think it over. Just like all projects for $750 its gona take a lot of time and money to make right, just have to figure out if I want to do it
  3. Thanks guys, I'll check it out again today and let you know what happens
  4. All exterior chrome seems to be there and in good condition, same with the glass. The doors were locked and I couldn't get the hood up. The interior looked complete but pretty shabby. I'll see if I can get a better look tomorrow. I'm just unsure as to what to look for with Pontiacs and what trouble I may not know of. As for typical repair work I've spent a lot of years buying and working on Fords but I'm falling pretty hard for this Catalina
  5. So on the way home from work I spot a '66 Catalina sitting in a driveway with $750 written on the windshield. 2 door hard top, no motor, auto, seems like minimal rust. Nobody was home to talk to about it, the hood would not open and the tires were flat so I couldn't get a good look underneath. Since I don't know what works on the car, whats missing and what repairs are needed I've done a lot of google searching on parts availability. A concern I have is replacement body panel availability. Do these Catalina's share any body parts or glass with other Pontiacs of the period? Is there anything I should be looking for or looking out for?
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