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  1. Are these the only two things that I need for rims that will fit right ?
  2. I would like aftermarket rims but idk which size fit the vibe? What is the bolt pattern, offset, etc. need to be?
  3. Well I would do that...If my dad didn't inspect my car every other day it seems like lol
  4. Smoked tails, orange vinyl the chrome on the arrowhead, black rims, cold air intake, orange tinted fogs and an in dash radio touch screen. I have to get all these past my dad
  5. Also about the rims, I really want black rims ad figure that it would be a lot cheaper just painting them since they are good lookin rims
  6. I want a cold air intake, but I'd have no idea how to install it
  7. Oh yea I realized that and changed it but you beat me to it lol
  8. what do you mean no html lol? sorry i'm such a n00b
  9. This is my 09 Vibe GT. I am seventeen and this is my first car. I would love any suggestions and help. My dad is pretty strict on how I mod my car, but eventually I want to black it out. So far I have 50% tint on front, and 5% on the back, 2 12" JVC Arsenal 3000W max subs (they hit so heavy), JVC Arsenal Amp, and OS? capacitor i believe. I just bought some black overlays for my arrowheads, and soon will buy a FlyEyes kit to smoke my tails. I also want to make the chrome on the arrowhead orange with vinyl, and tint the fogs orange. Soon I will be getting the rims painted black. Let me
  10. Once I wrap it in vinyl, can I just stick it back on, or do I need to buy sticky stuff?
  11. I also need help getting off the front arrow. It is giving me trouble because it sits in a engraved part of the front end, and I can't get a wire behind it.
  12. Any advice how to not overheat the paint but still take off the arrow?
  13. Ok thanks! Ill try to post pics whenever I'm done if your interested.
  14. Yea I was going to order the red part off a sight to make it black, and then make the chrome orange by making the vinyls myself. I was wondering if I use the soapy water and I want the orange off later, will the vinyl peel the chrome off when I take it off? Sorry for the confusion..
  15. If you use soapy water though will the vinyl take off the chrome if I decide to take it off?
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