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  1. Got corvette heads on my Firebird and a corvette intake, any idea what it will be pushing? Want to get an idea for when it is dyno'd
  2. This is my car guys. Took a while to post a picture.
  3. People were telling me 1,000 cause they are in nearly perfect condition and they cost about 1200 to get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm thinking about selling my polished C6 rims what do you guys think I should sell them for? Also have some Painted C6 and selling those after the polished. Want to get some better looking rims for my car. Any idea?
  5. Alright thanks cause I just figured a stock hood would be hard to find. Also, do you guys know where I can get a housing for some HID
  6. Do you guys think that it would make a difference getting an after market hood compared to a stock?
  7. It's sad I may have to sell one of my other vehicles because of buying this car my insurance is a little to high right now to pay for. I really don't want to sell any of them though.
  8. I just want to say thanks for the help. It's nie talking to people who know what I'm talking about. Most of my friends drive rice rockets. ? But I am keeping it in mind that if I want to resell it then placing a new engine wouldn't help unless selling it to someone into racing which would be harder to find but it would sell.
  9. Either or works but for the hood I'm looking for something that gives it more of a muscle car look but goes well with the pointed front. Any ideas of what you have seen would help.
  10. Thanks, that was what I was looking at and considering, do you know a good place to find and purchase body parts. I want to change the hood for this car and find a replacement front bumper. Probably be able to get a bumper at a local car dump though.
  11. I picked this car for $3900 and not sure if that was a good price for it. Only issue is it has scratches on the top which can be painted to fix. I want this week car to perform in a quarter mile. It's sadly an auto I haven't learned to drive manual yet but my next car may be a manual so I can finally learn. My budget is about 5k for the engine and 2k for the looks.
  12. I'll definatly toss some picture here. My car is in the shop right now replacing a worn out axle and new tires.
  13. Hey, I'm new to this forums looking for advice how to mechanically make this car better slog with looks. Can't seem to find a good hood to replace it also, it has the stock V8 5.7L LT1 and I was curious if it would be better to put a LS inside. Any help would be nice. ?
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