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  1. Ordered these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0016OIIVM?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00
  2. I know I am reviving an old thread, but it is totally relevant. So I took the heads off, (took my time) And got them to the local Machine shop. Both heads are cracked and the guy doesnt/can't do a reman job because the pins he has are junk from china?? IDK? What should I do with this thing? I mean Its ready for new or remanned heads and then gaskets and fluid and a start-up. I just want to do it right ya know.. What would be your next move?
  3. Okay I will try the heater core flush. I just researched "blow-by". I have a simple question? Whats this bolt for?https://foreverpontiac.com/gallery/image/242-gm3400/
  4. Yup. I replaced the Radiator cap with a pressure release style one. Green coolant, no. Not until after the flush. Im still debating on doing the job myself , getting a second quote or scrapping her. The shop also did a block test and there was exhaust fumes in the oil? I dont know what would cause that?
  5. I have a 2002 year end (2003) Pontiac Montana, its AWD. It has 138,940 on her. I bought her two and a half years ago for $3200. This thing had one previous owner and she used it as a Yoder-Toter. (She hauled the Amish to stores and what not). She was my buddy haul'in late night summer fishing trip vehicle. Okay enter my denial: And this winter in Ohio we had -20+ temps. One day the wifey was taking her to work and she decided to not put out heat. Well I thought it was the thermostat again. (I replaced it when I first got the van.) I replaced the thermostat. Then I got a coolant flush at Valvoline. They burped the engine. Then I noticed I still wasn't getting any heat. Then I noticed when I accelerated the gauge would fluctuate and then drop to normal and then Id get heat. Well I replaced the ETI(?). The little spark-plug-like thermal sensor that goes into the thermostat housing. Then I burped the engine. On a steep hill. At a very insane incline. Then I talked to a few people. They said it might be the water pump wasn't working. I replaced (even though it wasn't broken.) Took it to my cousins shop. She and her husband scanned it for me and determined I had some kind of head/head-gasket/possible manifold/manifold gasket related problem; along with transmission errors. To break it down. I have replaced: Water Pump. Power steering Pump. ETI sensor Thermostat. Blower Fan resistor fuse. All 4 tires. Breaks are new this year as well. Here are the codes she's throwing: C1216 EBCM Command Pressure Release 2 Long C1224 Right Rear Speed Sensor No Signal C1228 Right Rear Speed Sensor Signal Erratic C1234 Left Rear Speed Sensor Circuit Open/Short C1235 Right Rear Speed Sensor Circuit Open/Short C1236 Low System Supply Voltage C1237 High System Supply Voltage P1811 Maximum Adapt & Long Shift One of my rear CV boots is broken. Anti-freeze-Lower Intake leaking Differential needs servicing. Power steering has a rack leak. Rack and Pinion has leaking seals. Valve cover Gaskets need replaced. ABS is On, AWD disabled. Now you guys tell me what would you do? I have a little less then $4k to work with. Should I do the gaskets myself and hunt down the ABS problems? What about the transmission? None of these problems hit us until we had the deep freeze. No garage. I know nothing of transmissions. I am just a novice backyard/shade-tree mechanic. Should I scrap her and get something else? You guys tell me what you would do? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello from Northeast Ohio! I came for tips on repairs mainly. Im 35, and just a backyard/shade-tree mechanic. I love working on cars when the bolts are accessible and wanna come out LOL. I have a 2002 Pontiac Montana. A 83 Monte LS And a Ford Exploder.
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