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  1. Teckelhut

    Win a Free FP Shirt!

    Wanted to buy one when they first came out. But since I was forced into early retirement last August (Health issues. Doctors orders) I've become more frugal. Either fill up one of my Pontiacs so I can have some fun or put a shirt on my back. There is really no choice there. The gas always wins out. LOL
  2. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    I don't buy white. With our hard water they don't stay white for very long.
  3. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Like them both. LOVE the top one!
  4. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    I love it!!!!!!!! I would buy one and so would my Sister.
  5. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Actually it takes a lot to piss me off but very little for the smart ass in me to surface. LOL!
  6. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Reminds me of the time my (now ex) neighbor yelled at me from his front porch about my loud car (Phoenix) I had arrived home, parked at the entrance to my metal garage, got out and took a couple pictures of Phoenix. About that time my neighbor, whose porch faces the entrance to my garage, stepped out and yelled..."YOU THINK THAT THING COULD BE ANY LOUDER??????". Big mistake, challenge accept. Without saying a word I got back in Phoenix, drove into the garage...now mind you this is a metal garage with no insulation or sound dampeners and the opening faced his porch...revved Phoenix really loud about three or four times, turned him off and then calmly got out and walked to towards my house. LOL! Photo: Garages. Phoenix's on the right. KITT's on the left. Photo taken on by me on his porch while he was away. LOL
  7. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Who...me? LOL! Gads! I'm a Army brat and married a Marine.Nothing could melt MY ears. LOL
  8. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    In my community. LOL! Ummm...errr....all guys and certain women like boobs. If I wore something like that...people would think I was suddenly one of those certain women! ROTF!
  9. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    I always wanted an early 3rd gen Trans Am. But life always got in the way. Then I met and married the love of my life in 1986. And the idea of buying one just went away. My husband was my best friend, my buddy, and we both loved classic cars and car shows. When he became disabled, I became his caregiver. I did this for 10 years until the VA caused his death. Then I represented him post mortem through the entire malpractice suit. When I got the settlement, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with it. I knew I wanted to invest some of it of course, but I also wanted to buy something special for myself. So I bought and restored Phoenix (and later...KITT). The day after I had made the final decision to buy Phoenix and have the car shipped to me, I went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant that my husband and I always frequented. When I opened my fortune cookie I about fell out of my chair at what the fortune said (pictured below). Still to this day I believe it was a message from my late husband.
  10. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    Unfortunately if there ends up being a cute chick on the shirt I would not be buying it. It would send the wrong message where I live. LOL
  11. Teckelhut

    Forever Pontiac Shirts

    I am no graphics designer but I am a Pontiac T-shirt buyer. I will buy two once they are available. One for my sister and one for me.
  12. Here is my 1984 Trans Am with rare W62 Aero Package. This car was also featured in a national magazine. My car's name is Phoenix. Sussie Due
  13. Hey! I want one of those decals!
  14. Teckelhut

    82' Trans Am - Value?

    I actually like that car!
  15. Teckelhut

    Car or motorcycle?

    In Oregon Slingshots are motorcycles and are street legal. There are a few around here.
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