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  1. Good afternoon everyone, Well I am going to give it a shot. Hopefully the picture comes out. Thanks for considering this 1966 (poor man GTO) Tempest. HEHE. The motor is original with only a few minor upgrades. The transmission is original and recently rebuilt. Thank you again for considering our car. :D Sincerely, Larry


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  2. I'll tell you Just A6 the starter is great. It is a little pricey( I think it cost around $228) but no starting problems at all. Besides being half the size and weight what I like about it is it's a gear reduction starter and it actually has two bolts on the front of it so you can position it any way you need. Definitely worth the money. I am going to attach a picture of the home made heat shield and a picture of the carb just to make sure I am turning/adjusting the correct screw...

  3. The picture of the motor is probably not the best to show the carb and the screw I am talking about. But if your looking at the front of the carb its on the right side. I tried to circle it.

    And I can here the comment s about the jerry rigged heat shield..hehe.. Just be gentle..hehe

    Thanks again guys. If anyone ever needs a tow give us a call. Just got a new truck.....

    And that picture was taken before the Pontiac was running..hehe...
  4. Good afternoon guys. JustA6 I finally put on the electric choke kit. I performed the procedure as you stated it seems to be running fairly well. I just have a couple of more questions, the idle screw your talking about is that the one located on the bottom or is it higher up, closer to the top of the carb? ill attach a picture to show what I am talking about. I believe Frosty answered this(thank you if you did Frosty and hello!) to properly adjust the rockers how do you do that? I tried finding some information on it but no luck. Also Frosty I took your advice and installed a high torque starter. What a difference. You definitely were right a bit pricey but worth it....

  5. Good afternoon guys, Finally got a chance to work on "Tillie"...(Work is very over rated!! HEHE!)

    I ordered a rebuild kit from Edelbrock and a set of floats. Just A6 I did what you recommended with the floats, which I must say I never thought of doing, and the floats are fine. I ended up replacing the needles and seats and voila!! No more leaking/flooding. I took the car for a drive and it ran pretty well, sort of. Well the first thing I noticed was a nice puddle of antifreeze on the inside passenger side floor. And ordered and replaced the heater core, twice. You really have to love when new parts are defective(I'll send a picture of the defective heater core)

    Then I also noticed the car does run a little rough. If the rockers are not tighten properly could that cause the car to run rough?(Just to double check to tighten the rockers on my engine, 326, the vehicle needs to be running and remove one valve cover at a time and then tighten?) And how can you tell if they are tighten properly? Hope everyone is doing good...

  6. Hey JustA6, I will never shy away from any advice no matter how mundane it may seem. Sometimes we get so involved with the big picture that we forget sometimes about the very minor important details...So I found a manual for the edlebrock carbs(I tried to post the link for it but it would not let me. Saying that I am not allowed to post a file like that. Weird). However it states to take the top off and flip it over and adjust the float clearance with the gasket in place to 7/16 of an inch. Then lip the top up right and let the float hang and the clearance should be 15/16 to 1 inch. I did all that and it still is flooding. Could the needle and seat be bad? How about fuel pressure, to high? It is a regular fuel pump.....

  7. Hey guys, well while searching for a heat shield found one a 2006 Jaguar motor we had lying around. The heat shield was wrapped around the exhaust manifold. I "modified" it so it covered all of the solenoid. I reinstalled the 5000lb starter drove it the car around got it to operating temp and parked it for a few minutes and tried starting it again. No problem so far. But now we have another issue while driving the car while sitting at a light the car began to stutter and want to stall. Made it home and after I turned the car off noticed that the carb was just pouring fuel. The carb is a 750 edlebrock performer. It is fairly new. Is it time for a new one or just try to repair this one? (will attach a picture of the heat shield and "modified" heat shield on the starter)

  8. That is a real good looking car veteran. That Future liner is cool also!!. Really like that old school gas station. Wish we had stuff like that around here... So I went to start the car yesterday to adjust the rockers and the starter broke... Finally located one installed it and now it is very slow to crank. Could the starter be bad? Or the wiring be faulty? I would like to attach a picture of the starter to show what happened...I need a moment on that..

  9. Good afternoon guys....IT's ALIVE!!!! Hehe...Well we started from scratch. We removed all the wires, set number one at TDC. Then we positioned number one on the HEI where number would have been(or as close as possible) on the original distributor. And she fired right up. Set the timing and it runs a little rough. I believe we need to check the rockers for proper tightness. They are making noise. I believe you take one valve cover off at a time and adjust as necessary? we also need to put the car back on a lift to check for leaks and make sure everything is good. I would like to attach a few pictures of the process but not having any luck. How can I do that? Thanks again for all the advice. I am sure I will need more but hopefully I can pass on my learning experience to someone else.

  10. Good afternoon guys, Thanks for the advice. Now to answer a few questions

    1- Yes the motor ran prior to doing any work. It ran ok. No misfire or burning oil or anything like that but you can see that the motor was, I guess for lack of a better term tired.

    2- The work we did was replaced the camshaft, lifters, pushrods, timing chain and gears, water pump and the HEI This was done prior to removing the heads. Then later on we replaced the valves, springs, rockers, intake, carb and installed a set of headers and new exhaust system. And that is the point we are at now. Everything has been installed but obviously since the motor is not running, Yet, not 100% sure if there is leaks or other problems besides the motor not running.

    3- I know I am probably going to here it from a few guys on here. hehe. but there are two main reasons why we did this. The first is, Does anyone remember back in the day when people actually took their cars out for a "Sunday drive"? We want to make this car a very reliable driver so we can take the little guys out to the ice cream parlor, or the beach or just go out for a cruise in style. The second reason why is because the person I bought the vehicle from is a good friend of mine. I actually bought from his grandmother. And even though its a poor man GTO(It's not even a Le Mans a Tempest for Christmas sake! hehe) it has a lot of sentimental value to their family. And unfortunately within the span of two months his oldest daughter died, his father had a stroke at the wake and two later passed away and my friend finds out he has leukemia. So what we want to do is to get the car running real well and then drop it one weekend and let them go out on the town just like they did when they were younger. I know sounds silly but if it can make them happy or ease a little of the craziness, it will be all worth it.

    OK enough of my sob story, I am going to take the advice and remove all the wires and cap and start over. I am going to set the number one as the picture supplied by veteran and let you know. After getting home from work tomorrow morning i'll give it a shot. Luckily Monday and Tuesday night I have off.

    Experienced, I will give your advice a try also. I did notice when we had to advance the dist it did hit the intake. I will attempt to rectify and let you know.

    Thanks guys.

  11. Good afternoon Veteran, Sorry for the delay. This thing called work is getting very busy and mother nature decided to visit us again and I am sure you knoe the deal with kids also. Ahh good times.. hehe.. OK now back to good stuff...

    1- The torque converter is a remanufactured, stock

    2- The carb is a fairly new Edelbrock performer 750

    3- I don't believe there are any vacumm leaks but have not been able to check properl;y because the engine is not running

    4- The cam is a new cam however it is just a stock replacement cam

    5- The vacumm advance was working prior to any work being done.

    The weird thing is that the car was running prior to taking the heads off and replace the valves etc.

    Does number one on the distributor have to be in a certain place?

    Unfortunatley I do not know anyone who has a Sun distributor machine.

    If the carb is leaking or faulty what kind of symptoms would that cause?

  12. Good morning. The distributor does rotate counter clock wise. We can get the car to run when it is fully advanced. It runs like you know what but runs. And prior to doing the work on the valves. I know these questions may sound stupid to most but could the distributor be bad, Even though it runs fully advanced? Does number one wire have to be in a certain spot on the HEI? (By the way we like the OHHH I'm next ..hehe) We have the firing order set up. And cylinder number at TDC. Thanks again for any and all advice.

  13. Good afternoon. We have a 1966 Tempest. Still has the 326 with the ST 300 transmission. recently we redid the valves, springs, retainers just to keep all new things on the inside. we also installed an HEI distributor to get rid of the points. The issue we are having Is that to get the car to run it needs to be fully advanced. And it still doesn't run right. I am asking for any help. Does the HEI have to have a different spot for the number one plug wire? Is there anything special that needs to be done while installing it? We are somewhat of a novice so any help is greatly appreciated. And if anyone has any pictures to go with it that would be great also. Thank you in advance. Larry


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