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  1. Okay, I found it and I am back from adjusting it. Unfortunately loosening that bolt, pushing the rod up and re-tightening didn't work, in fact it made it worse and now it won't even go into park by turning the collar anymore. I have a few questions, the rod is almost pushed right to the top of the collar so am I suppose to push it up more even if it made it worse in the grand scheme of things? Also, is that bolt suppose to be super snug against the metal there, or is there suppose to be some slack, because when I tighten the bolt it holds the rod in tight but there is still some room b
  2. Thanks for the help guys. My car is currently at the body shop so I can't work on it right now. Going by that dark picture I am not exactly sure where this mystery bolt is, but once I get it back I will take a closer look and hopefully I can get this thing straightened out. Thanks again for now
  3. This is the online instructions that were given to me by a local Pontiac club member. I am a visual learner and pretty new to these cars and that picture is pretty dark that I have no idea where he is talking about. Below are his instructions and picture: "The shifter linkage is tied to the transmission. On the other end which shows up in picture....where the blue circle is the adjustment for the rod I was talking about. Loosen bolt and push up all the way and retighten bolt. Should fix the issue"
  4. yes, I believe this is what originally happened. I replaced the grounds and installed a new shifter cable. The shifter goes in and out of gears perfectly, BUT when I park it, it is still in reverse until I slightly turn the collar by the steering wheel then it goes into park. I have been told there is a way to lightly adjust the cable up by the steering column, but I don't know how, which is where I am at now. I can't find anything in my 69 Pontiac repair manual, but have been told it is possible, but not how to do it.
  5. Hello, sorry for taking so long to reply...I didn't get any email saying it was replied to and I have been busy with work/other cars. I have since bought a cable, it shifts perfectly from Park to all the gears with no issues. However, when I try to put it back into park, it decides to stay into neutral until I put it in park manually via the collar behind the steering wheel. The cable itself does not have any form of adjustment, but I have been told there is a way to adjust it while in park, so it goes in smoothly back into park. Does anyone have any information on how I go about doing thi
  6. I took the console off, and undid the cotter pin and rod as pointed out in the picture below. The shifter then went forward and back without a problem. I don't know where this makes the issue lie, but I guess this means it is not the physical shifter
  7. It is currently in park but will not go into Reverse. I am not sure about Drive, etc because I cannot get it out of Park. The shifter just won't move.
  8. Hey guys my car has a TH400. It has been parked since October, and I have not done anything to the transmission (what I did do though is take off the shifter knob so I could get the panel up and replace the shifter PRNDSL insert. Maybe something got messed up there?). Now that I have everything finished I was advised by my mechanic to take it for a nice rip before I take it in to get the out of province inspection done. Yesterday I fired it up and just for kicks I was doing to put it into reverse and back it out. Oddly, it wouldn't go into reverse. Fluid level is fine and there were no issue
  9. I am in the same mind-set as you. I don't appreciate being ripped off, or anyone else for that matter. But I have gone to many a car show where I looked at a car and wanted to puke in my mouth, but wouldn't dream of telling that person. I have yet to understand how a clone is complete garbage yet the real thing is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sure, the one is worth more and original, but that that doesn't make them complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Anyway, sorry for my off topic. Once I get the car out and inspected I will get some pictures alone and with my Viper. I am
  10. Ya, this is truly great news. I have never had an issue end up being the little thing, so I am super happy that this was the case. I had tried everything except for that so i did it in desperation. The car should be on the road in May at the latest, but I will see how soon the tune can get done then I just have to get the wheel well back on since I replaced the heater core. I tend not to post pictures on forums too much of this car as it is a GTO clone and I don't like reading what some purists say about other people's clone cars so I don't want to read it about mine.
  11. Frosty, I got it working, Turns out it was a bad socket..the second I swapped it it lit up. Thanks so much for your help. Your write-ups and documents are very in depth and I thank you so much for helping me with this
  12. Thanks for the info. That sheet is pretty much bang on from the one in my 69 repair manual. It is knowledgeable people like you that have helped the rookies like me actually make progress on this car. I will give these things a test, but I know I am missing something. I believe it is safe to assume that it is not the circuit board considering this worked not long ago when I had a bad braking system. I don't know though obviously so I will do all these tests and get back to you. I know I am not getting any power at the tan wire where it plugs into the brake switch. One las
  13. No, that is correct. The brake light does not come on when the e-brake is pressed down. I have looked at everything I can think of, without fully understanding the e-brake system itself. -I replaced the switch.. -The bulb works, and I have tried numerous bulbs that work -Today I grounded the tan wire on the e-brake system and the wire that goes to the brake junction box. I was told this would likely make the light go on....but neither options worked. I am completely stumped.
  14. Hello, I am onto my last project until I am able to get this car on the road, barring any other issues that may pop up. I am completely stuck on this one and am reaching out to see if anyone has any further suggestions. When I press the e-brake, the light on the dash does not light up...this is a no no when it comes to the provincial inspection. A few days ago I took a quick peek to see if I could find the issue. The test light showed that I was getting power to the tan wire, but nothing past that. I fiddled with the e-brake switch and it kind of crumbled in my hands. This ma
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