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  1. Welcome Darth Menace , You have some very nice cars and a very cool garage..Clone or not it is bad ass.. and that is what matters...Keep up the great work.. Tim
  2. Hey Ghost, Just saw your question , I have been very busy with work and the cold weather just means more hours for me. And that does not leave much time for the computer or working on my car and that sucks. Here are some pictures ( before I washed it ) of the HHR the day before I sold it. We really had fun in it as it was a blast to drive. I purchased it new and it had 39,000 miles on it when I sold it. I just needed a full size truck and that is the only reason I sold it. But I really like my truck and now I have something else to make a couple of custom things for.
  3. Hi Ghost, I have never been to Vegas but I had an HHR SS with an Ecotec, I really liked it and it was fun to drive. Hi JUSTA6, That is something I did not know.. Now I am thinking about Just making it a bolt in bar in case I need to get it out... A bolt in is better than no roll bar.
  4. Thanks JUSTA6 I am going to modify the 8 point roll bar and install it now as a 4 point but it will be bolted in for now so I can get it out of the way next winter. My plans are to mini tub the car later to get more rubber under it and at that point I will weld in the bar and you won't know it was ever bolted in. I need to have the car ready before spring gets here for car shows. I am the only one working on the car and with the limited time I have to install everything and everything I need to get done before it is tuned ( making the over the radiator intake after everything is insta
  5. Thanks Frosty , I will need to get one or two of them for sure.
  6. Hi Ghost and thanks , I just ordered my cam from my tuner today and my goal is anywhere between 500 and 600 and I will be cool with what ever it is. Hi Frosty My plans are auto x and drag --some just for fun. That is my goal with the car just to make it as close to the way I want it and have major fun. I have been working on the car little by little since I purchased it . One of the first things I did was to upgrade the rotors and pads and fluid to help slow it down for what was to come. I have been purchasing parts for 5 years and now it will all come together and most purchases
  7. Thanks Ringo64 gandhi_2006 I will do all the work except for the tune. Yes I will keep the original LS2 . I love it. I have worked with fiberglass alot and get great results. I have made a pillar pod (which I still need to cover with headliner to match the interior. ) and added a gauge to the gauge cluster ( black one. )out of fiberglass and that added 4 gauges. I also have a roll bar that I will weld up and modify.
  8. Once I get the motor put back together I am going to make a suede intake out of fiberglass and fiberglass it to my radiator cover ( like a duo speed ) and switch to an ls3 maf before I take it to get tuned. Than before spring make a lip for the front.
  9. Hi, In 2009 I purchased a GTO from my sister that she ordered new. It has 24,400 miles. Right now I have it disassembled and I am installing a 1900 tvs , blower cam and getting the heads ported along with all the new parts that goes along with the build. I have already done all poly bushings , Konis and King hd springs , headers and a Gforce 9inch rear. Tim
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